Gifts For Wedding Guests

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Your wedding day is the best day of your life that you have ever planned. You are so happy that you will finally become husband and wife and that almost all those whom you invited at your wedding agreed to come that you want to thank them. And you decided to offer them some tokens of appreciation.

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If you do not know what to use as gifts for wedding guests, it is time you made a short list about them. First of all, you need to know the number of guests and the budget you have available for gifts. Then, think about whether you want to give separate gifts for women and men. Other points to consider are the theme of the wedding and the season in which you are holding your wedding.

Gifts For Wedding Guests

Gifts For Wedding Guests (

So, according to all these, you can buy a lot of gifts for the wedding guests. You can always choose to personalize them and to make them useful. Think that your guests would like to keep the gifts for a very long time and they would like the gifts to be a memory from you. And so you can choose from a wide variety of gifts to personalize or simply buy.

For example, if the wedding is in summer, a very useful gift would be the fans. The Asian or the simple fans, these gifts will be great for your female guests at the wedding. Other gifts for the wedding guests may be the personalized photo frames, the personalized address books or pens, the personalized champagne glasses or the coffee cups.

If however you do not want to personalize your gifts for the wedding guests, but you still wish to give them gifts that would match the theme of the wedding, you might choose key chains, coasters, cookie cutters or fresh mints. These can be found for almost any type of wedding you want. But it may be that your wedding theme is more specific, like for example a Vegas themed wedding, and you might want to give your guests some nice dice or a pack of cards to take home.

Gifts For Wedding Guests

Gifts For Wedding Guests (

Finding the best wedding gifts for guests is not very difficult, at least if you know what to look for. And if you think both with your mind and heart it will be impossible not to find them in a heartbeat.11

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  1. Clarice

    June 29, 2011 at 7:45 am

    I believe the key chains, the coasters, the cookie cutters or the fresh mints are classical wedding guest gifts. I would surely choose something unique for them, to maintain a memory in time. For example, I would buy small photo frames and I would put a picture with us, writing the day of our wedding and a special message for every family invited at our wedding. Or, I would buy little fridge magnets and I would personalize them with our picture from the wedding day. What do you think?


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