Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

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Brides who don’t know what the best flowers for their wedding are can choose something available all year round. There are blooms that can only be found in a certain season, and assortments for all seasons! If you don’t want to complicate yourself by searching for those that fit your wedding, choose something annually available, like gerbera daises. These flowers are so lovely and so appealing that you don’t even need many reasons to make them your wedding flowers! They are extremely versatile and this is why they make such fabulous selections for many brides.

Gerberas can suit different types of weddings, starting with traditional and ending with modern-vintage affairs. We love them because they are fresh and contemporary-looking yet still very elegant and stylish. Those of you who don’t want anything conventional or classic for their wedding can use gerberas as modern alternatives to the popular roses and lilies. There are many benefits of using gerbera daises in a bridal bouquet. First of all, they are resistant flowers that can endure very well the high temps outside. They can behave beautifully even during the hottest summertime wedding ceremony.

135850 gerbera daisy wedding bouquets 2 Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquets (Source:

We know how important it is for a bride to carry a bouquet that will not wilt during or after the ceremony. Gerberas are strong long-lasting flowers that can make perfect selections for both simple and elaborated bridal bouquets. Their blooms are lavish and colorful and this is why they are often chosen for spring and summer time affairs. There is something very cheerful about gerbera daises that can suit a fun modern wedding. Besides their aesthetical and practical qualities, gerberas are also easy to purchase even by those who are on a budget. These cute flowers are affordable and ideal for economical brides who want something outstanding for their ceremony.

135850 gerbera daisy wedding bouquets Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquets (Source:

However, they might not be the cheapest choices out there, especially when there are many other seasonal assortments to consider. This is why you will see that gerbera daises are more expensive in spring and summer, when there are more seasonal cheap assortments to consider. But their playful blooms can add a dramatic accent to your wedding and also more dynamism to your overall look. You can use them alone in your bouquet or you can mix them with other blooms, for a more sophisticated arrangement. The large spectrum of colors available for gerbera daises makes them unique flower choices for many brides. You can find them in bright white, light pink, hot pink, magenta and fuchsia shades, bold orange, sunny yellow, deep red, gold and peach. They can also be found in green, brown, plum, violet and other shades of purple. The dark centers make them versatile selections for two-tone themed weddings.



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