Funny Wedding Songs

Wedding Party | July 15 2009 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Spicing up your life is one of the things that people need especially in these days when stress seems to watch around every corner of our busy existence, and sometimes it happens that it doesn’t come at handy to find ways to entertain yourself, partly because you forgot how and partly because you don’t find anything funny to laugh about. But laughing is indeed a therapy that can bring us relief us getting us out of the overwhelming tension that we feel it down deep into our bodies and it won’t kill anyone to find some spare moments in one day to try and have a cure of laughing.

We can even find ways to spice up the events that cross our lives and try to put some color in them in order to surprise ourselves and the ones attending our special event. One of these occasions can be the one that hosts the celebration of your wedding. It’s a fact that you can get rid of all the stress that is involved in planning a wedding by hiring a professional to take care of all the details and run all the work for you, but in the end, that day will still have to come and whether you want it or not you feel a kind of excited and tensed.

funny-wedding-songsSo find a way that you don’t have to feel precisely that kind of excitement that may drag you to have thrills or let the sweat run down your spine, all this is possible if you plan to have a DJ that at your request is able to relax the atmosphere. DJs are good at these sorts of things, their world they live in is surrounded by music, they are familiar with every feeling that a song generates in us while listening to it, so if you ask of him to play a music that relaxes the sometimes sober note of a wedding ceremony, he will know exactly what you need. Let him surprise you and you won’t be disappointed, quite contrary you will be blessed with a day that you won’t feel it like it gave you the thrills and the questions of a certain unknown element that might occur.

People adore to socialize especially when it comes to weddings, and more than that they like to attend these events because they know that the surprise element is there being wrapped in the shape of a surprisingly beautiful bride, a surprisingly beautiful location and adding funny wedding songs to all these make the wedding even more surprisingly entertaining. You can imagine how funny the moment of the first dance would be while being performed on “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealer’s Wheel or the moment when the bridesmaids are lined up in order to catch the bridal bouquet and the space is filled with the tunes of “Who let the dogs out” performed by Baha men or “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” by The Animals played at the moment when the wedding cake is brought in and the list of wedding moments filled with funny wedding songs can go on, you just let your spirit run free and be creative in spicing up the moments of your wedding day.11

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