Funny Wedding Reception Songs

Wedding Party | October 14 2009 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Weddings are generally seen as being the most important events in the life of a couple. Because of this, many couples prefer to confer it the aspect of a decent event especially when it comes to the ceremonial, but there are also couples to celebrate their wedding in a funny note more likely when it comes to the reception moment of the wedding displaying. The locations in the last case are chosen in places that allow a reception to be performed with funny moments unfolded on funny wedding reception songs.

A lot of factors contribute to the choice of reception tone; for instance if the wedding couple comes after a short period of relationship, then they might more impressed of the displaying of a wedding therefore choosing to celebrate it in a more serious note, whereas the wedding couples that have been in along relationship end up throwing a naughty party in the reception of their wedding day.  Bottom-line: the longer a relationship is the more likely is to end up in a funny tone of a wedding celebration.

And for a young couple to have this amusing way to plan their special event then funny wedding reception songs are the ones to be performed in the musical ambient of the wedding reception. Though the reception is basically composed by different touchy moments, one may say that they are really sentimental, therefore loaded with emotions, some couples are tempted to wrap these moments in an atmosphere of joy, amusement and peculiar ways of entertaining.

Throwing a funny wedding reception can gain some animosities on behalf of the relatives that are longing to see a traditional way of celebrating wedding, but young couples should not be let down by these opinions. After all it is their wedding and their way of organizing such an event. Planning to be performed in a funny note doesn’t necessary imply disrespect, but a different way of approaching things. What can be that bad in the happy tone that accompanies the wedding reception throughout the duration of a whole night? That people will maximally enjoy and will ceaselessly jump to the various rhythms of the music?

So when you have decided to stick to the funny wedding celebration, then some suggestions in regard to the selection of funny wedding reception songs could be: “Can’t touch this” – MC Hammer, “Let’s get the party started” – performed by Pink, “Ice Ice baby” – Vanilla Ice, “Too sexy” – Right Said Fred, “Love you madly” – Cake, ¬†and so on. The music charts lists are filled with ideas, as long as music has always been and still is a way to transmit feelings of joy, of love, of celebration through the dynamic of tunes so rhythmically related to the choices of lyrics appropriate to feasting several events that take place in people’s life.

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