Frog Wedding Invitations

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If you wish to choose a very comical approach for your wedding invites there are lots of way you can do so. Opt for some funny images like cartoon or animal ones. It might sound odd, but if you want different wedding invites with a hint of originality then this is what you should go for. Frog wedding invitations might seem very strange, but the whole idea of choosing these kind of images is to put a smile on the guest’s face. Every couple tries to be original, either it’s through the wedding decorations, the cake, their attire or the wedding invites. These will be the first things that the guests will see. A funny image would be to use a frog bride and groom image.

117819 frog wedding invitations 2 Frog Wedding Invitations

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The frog bride can even have a veil and a bouquet of flowers. Go for small drawings or choose big and centered ones. The colors of the frogs can be green or go for funnier tones. The frogs can be in different situations, they can either be bride and groom, they can be in love, they can kiss and whichever images you like best. There are specialists who can make these designs for you and you can have your own custom made wedding invite. Choose a paper style , either matte or a more shinny one.

117819 frog wedding invitations Frog Wedding Invitations

Frog Wedding Invitations (Source:

You can look through their samples and then make your pick. Go for a particular writing style and also choose the proper introduction for your invite. And since the drawings are quite funny and more casual than elegant, you could also go for a more casual wording. You can find lots of samples such as saying and poems that can help you figure out what you wish to add to the invites. Hire a calligrapher who will do this for you. State the location and time details in the invite so the guests know their way and when they should come. Purchase the invites from online stores or go to local hand made shops and choose your wedding invites.



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