Free Samples Of Foldover Wedding Invitations

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The wedding date is about to be fixed, you can feel it in the air. Your beloved one tries not to show it, but you know that pretty soon he will propose to you and when he does you will try to look surprised; you wouldn’t want to spoil his attempt to offer you something that you’ve been waiting for so long. And because this wedding event will definitely need to be announced to your families, close friends and some of your colleagues, you want to do something about this – to look for some wedding invitations samples available online in order to give you some ideas on their designs and formats.

It is the first time that you access the Internet’s web pages regarding invitations; whenever you needed these cards in your previous occasions, either for your birthday parties or the party you have thrown once you graduated from the college, you just printed some cards and have them sent to your friends. Now you see that together with the wedding invitation, there are plenty of other cards to be included in the envelope. For instance, RSVP card, save the date card, thank you card, and maybe, depending on the circumstances, a card to hold the driving instructions for the wedding locations.


Browsing through the entire variety of wedding invitations types, you decide to try looking for the free samples of fold over wedding invitations, in this way to be sure if there is something to be done with less expense of money. You will have to do some savings in regard to your future wedding planning, as much as this planning scares you, since you will both need money to organize your honeymoon. Deciding to go for your own creation regarding these wedding invitations, you start to choose some samples and following the online instructions you begin to think of a way to have them printed on your printer.

Following the steps you begin first to pick up a drawing from the variety of clip art available on your PC to be added on the front page of the card, after that you move to the second step which enables you to introduce another option of clip art, this one could work as well as a fading background for the wording. This site provides you also the possibility to insert appropriate verses for the wording, in case you do not have the right inspiration. The space allotted for the wording seems to you too small, therefore you see yourself compelled to try for another wording, this time not that long.


The next step is the one that shows you the final format of your free sample of fold over wedding invitation, the one that will help you create your own wedding cards when the time comes. The fact that you have the option to visualize the final result of your sample in its real dimensions proves to be very convenient, in this manner you could interfere with your own needs for changing or adding extra ideas. The last step in your trial is the printing; you refill the paper drawer with printing paper and begin the process of printing the sample.

The wedding card looks OK, you save its format in ‘my documents’ folder to keep it for later when you have to proceed in the real creation of the written messages that will let the members of your family, the close friends know about the happy event that your beloved one will sooner or later decide upon its date.11

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