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Once the date of your wedding is set you need to know what your budget says in regard to the possibilities of planning the details of your wedding. Though you are by far familiar with planning an event, be it a birthday party or an anniversary of some sort, you have to check if your budget allows you to go for hiring a professional planner or you have to throw yourself into the whirl of planning such a big event. This event means a lot to both of you, as a couple, and to your guests as well and you want to get the best out of the day that is meant to change the rest of your life.
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Unfortunately the budget dictates for a small intimate wedding and due to this fact you decide to go with the preparations on yourself, supported of course by your mother and your best friend. Your groom is going to assist with the errands and to hire the location for the reception which you thought of having displayed in the neighborhood in a small restaurant that is very intimate and cozy. You have sent already the invitations that have imprinted inside the floral theme of your wedding: cheerful orange daisies that will emphasize the end of the summer time, the season which you have chosen to celebrate your wedding event.

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According to the number of guests that will attend your wedding you have to move further with the planning but you need to know precisely what is the amount of money available for the rest of the planning process. You should have some sort of note book or a calendar to help you organize the details and the orders as well. Your friend advices you to search for this planner online and opening your PC you begin your research to check on the free printable wedding planners as a helping tool in the process of the wedding preparations.

Your research leads you to an online wedding planner which is conceived with services that enable the couples to prepare their wedding on one single site. The tools provided by this site are created in such a manner that are able to assist you in keeping a track of the details, some of them being the management of your budget, the calendar, flowers, the guest list and related to it the seating chart, music, catering, and photography as well.

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The online free printable wedding planner that has caught your attention contains also reviews from the customers that have previously used the planner and its tools. The same customers have gathered in a club to belong to this site where they have subscribed in order to give advice for the couples in need of a hand with the organizing process, as well as exchanging ideas and useful tips in regard to the planning itself.

Their subscription to this site seen also as an adherence to the small community of young married couples that have experienced the planning of their big event, is another way of the online planner to guide the wedding couples, the new comers,  that feel lost and confused within the evolution of several parts of the planning. The goal of the online wedding planner is none other than to effectively help through whatever means the couples to build the D day of their life and to turn it into a smash hit and as such a memory worth remembering.11

Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.



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