Formal Bridal Dresses

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The 2012 bride has a wide spectrum of options when it comes to wedding dresses. The contemporary bridal wear is not based only on modern outfits, but on a lot of many other styles, especially from the past. The greatest news is that both old and new styles are in vogue nowadays. So, if you’re a confused bride and you don’t even know what to choose, we propose you to look for a model that features elements of both styles.

There are plenty of unique modern-vintage and modern-classic wedding dresses available for this middle trend out there. In our bridal fashion designers’ collections you will be able to find a myriad of unique models to choose or at least get inspired from for your wedding. The beautiful wedding dresses we’re showing below are for sophisticated brides who want to go formal on their big day. We must confess that we never really liked the formal style, at least not in the last few years when the casual bridal style was and still is in vogue. But something has changed with our perception.

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It’s definitely due to the gorgeous dresses created by our designers. They are gifted with an amazing talent and we are glad that so many of them are willing to use it for creating more and more elegant and feminine dresses for the modern bride. Going formal doesn’t mean sacrificing the comfort factor. Although many of us think that only casual wedding dresses are really practical and easy to wear, recent trends show us something else. The formal bridal gowns designed today are ideal for commodious brides who want something sleek and figure-flattering with an elegant cut that can also provide them with comfort.

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The models we brought for this post are very relevant in this sense. Who said that a sophisticated wedding dress has to be necessarily incommodious or difficult to wear? This aspect was true back in the old days when bridal gowns were based on the heavy ball gown design. Those gowns also had multiple heavy layers of fabrics that made the bride feel indeed very uncomfortable and ponderous. But this is not the case anymore.

145034 formal bridal dresses Formal Bridal Dresses

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The gorgeous A-line and ball gown wedding dresses created these days are no longer weighty and voluminous, but quite wearable. The secret is in the fabric. Wedding dress designers of today benefit of the softest materials and textures ever and this is why they can afford to create such elegant comfortable models for their bridal collections! Even the silhouettes beautified with layers, ruffles and frills are made of lightweight fibers. The volume they feature is not hulking but diaphanous. It is a real pleasure to wear a modern-day princess style wedding dress on the big day!



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