Forest Wedding Decorations

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Among the themed weddings, the forest themed ones are the most desired. Why? Because nature is the only one that can give us such big satisfaction and also can offer the best natural decoration.

But when the money or the circumstances do not allow you to throw the wedding party in the woods, then you can “bring the woods” at your wedding, with the help of some very inspired decorations. Starting with the wedding invitations, you will be able to make the guests feel like they are in the forest. Decorate them with some pine trees, with some wood sticks and with some big leaves and the “invitation” to the woods will already be made.

Forest Wedding Decorations (Source:

Forest Wedding Decorations (Source:

The wedding cake is also a way of bringing the party in the nature. I have seen some wedding cakes on the site called which could be considered decorations for the wedding, by the way in which they look like. For example the Chocolate Faux Bois cake looks exactly like a wood block. I must confess that I have been extremely amazed of the way in which a cake can resemble with a true piece of wood, so if you decide on adding some forest themed decoration items to your wedding, these wedding cakes are the best ones.

Because we are still at the wedding cakes “chapter” I will show you another wedding cake which also got my attention. Is called the Sweet Songbirds and it features a white cake covered in marzipan, with some chocolate made wood sticks. It looks like a tree in the winter season, without leaves, which makes you think at all those bird nests. At the first sight, it looks a little bit weird, because you do not see every day a cake with some wood branches on it, but the given effect is great.

Forest Wedding Decorations (Source:

Forest Wedding Decorations (Source:

The furniture can also become a decoration part. So, on the site I gave you above, you can also find out some great chairs made of wood sticks. They have a simple look and they also make a great “team” with the massive wood tables. The covers are white and made out of cotton and the chandeliers are made of paper or even better, of small wood sticks holders with small candles inside. The atmosphere created is really intimate and romantic and the touch of nature is felt at every step you make inside the ballroom.

So, as you can see, there are many great decoration items nowadays and no matter the wedding theme that you choose, you will be able to realize it thanks to the variety of decorations and also of the great prices.


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