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The perfect wedding takes the shape of each bride and groom dream. Each love story has a different profile and face. Every love story wants to underline a different idea. To organize, to structure things according to theme, a pre-defined concept can be extremely challenging. The success of this operation resides in the way elements come together.
Wedding invitations are not just one of the most important articles in a wedding but also a key one.  They are the first lines welcoming the guest and telling them a thing or two about the special day. The profile of a wedding invitation has to be original and unique.

To go for a floral theme is always a good idea. Flower wedding invitations are fun, interesting and fresh. They bring that extra air of freshness you need to make a good impression. Flowers are the symbol of beauty, delicate messengers of delicate feelings. One of nature’s greatest gifts flowers are a great source of inspiration. In order to have a floral shape on your invite cards you have to think about what kind of flower you are. Are you a simple daisy or a passionate red rose? Are you a sunflower looking at the blue sky or a lily standing pure in front of the audience? This is the first question you have to answer. Each character has a different smell and petals.

On Invitations Consultants each client is invited to create an elegant atmosphere by combining petals of all shapes with bright, powerful colors. All you need to do is to browse through samples and find the one that suits you. Floral themes are perfect for spring and summer weddings.  You could be a lily, a daisy or cherry blossom. If you’re not pleased with their simplicity then you should go for hydrangea, roses, luxury or unique floral.

My expression completely trusts the saying that there is a flower for everybody. The thing is you have to look for it and not wait for it to find you. They simplify the process for you. There is an online collection of the models you can use. Among the most interesting are: opulent orchids, zebra daisies, orange roses, white calla lilies, fluty blues, purple hydrangeas, mummy ribbon or squire royal. The list could go on for another page of two.

In the end it all resumes to what you want the flower to represent. For example, a calla lily is in the eye of everybody the symbol of serenity while cherry blossom immediately sends to beautiful and delicate. Flower wedding invitations will gently make the invitation. Once the envelope is opened, your guest will know that the special event ahead will, at least, look incredible: lots and lots of flowers.

A bouquet of flowers is nothing more and nothing less than a statement, the statement you want to make in front of the world. Be careful to make the correct spelling: you don’t want any misunderstandings.11

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