Floral Diamond Wedding Bands

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The wedding bands we’re presenting here are among the most romantic and sumptuous designs we’ve seen so far. We recommend these pieces to those who want to wear something unique, creative and comfortable. The combination of style created between the classic and the innovative is amazing!


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Besides this, we can also observe that the band style does not sacrifice at all the beauty and the daintiness of the ring. The contrary, the opulence of the embroideries made for the band add more romanticism to its practicality. The specialists usually recommend the wedding bands to the modern brides who are busy and active in their social life. In these cases, the best type of ring design that can fit the lifestyle of the modern brides is the practical one.

2 Wedding Ring (Source: faycullen.com)

Floral Diamond Wedding Rings (Source: faycullen.com)

The ring or the band is supposed to be comfortable or simple and clean so that the brides can actually wear it everyday. The more sophisticated the design is, the more difficulties and troubles the bride has in wearing the ring. This is why it’s important to pick the most adequate style that can fit not only your preferences, but also the type of life you’re living. The brides are usually tempted to pick something exquisitely beautiful and unique in design, than something practical and easy to wear.

2 Wedding Ring (Source: faycullen.com)

Floral Diamond Wedding Rings (Source: faycullen.com)

We advise you to study the design with more care and attention and see whether the ring can also fit the profession and the daily activities you are engaged in day by day. The design of the ring is not mean to be only aesthetic, elegant and fancy, but also durable, lasting and strong. These superb floral diamond wedding rings are both comfy and unique. They are constructed in platinum and we know that this type of metal is one of the strongest and most resistant and endurable of all. However, you can have these pieces crafted in white gold and palladium metal as well.

2 Wedding Ring (Source: faycullen.com)

Floral Diamond Wedding Rings (Source: faycullen.com)

The first ring on this page features an Art Nouveau style and it is pierced with an open work of full-cut diamond stones and mille-grained embroidery. The artistic motif used for the band resembles a four-leaf flower design inspired by the botanical style. The second floral motif ring on this page is also an Art Nouveau inspiration piece made for those who want something highly aesthetical, subtle, timelessly elegant and comfortable. The last ring here is a lacy Art Nouveau piece beautified with an exotic fleur-de-lis design.


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