Floating Wedding Decorations for Swimming Pools

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A backyard wedding is always more intimate than any other choice you can think of. It gives that feeling of comfort to your guests. All the natural decors have a special charm, but even so, a swimming pool can find its place among all these. As much as water has its beauty as essence of life, it can look even better with the help of some floating decorations.

Candles are the most delicate light source. Electrical light can create special visual effects, but candles are somehow magical. The diffused light spread by their flames is perfect on a wedding reception held at dusk. And the water reflection can be even more interesting. This is why you might want to look for some special candle holders. There are floating candles on the market, some of them simple, thin and white, others shaped like flowers and scented; but with floating holders, you can bring even more different motives. Blossom shaped holders are perfect for votive or tealight candles and are also the most popular ones.

Floating Wedding Decorations for Swimming Pools

Floating Wedding Decorations for Swimming Pools from discountcandleshop.com

If you have ever seen wedding centerpieces that include flower petals, floating candles and colored water, you know that the small universe set up in that glass bowl can be recreated right in your swimming pool. Flower petals are easy and they will stay on the surface. You already have candles so you should combine them. If you want for the water to have different shades, you can use underwater colored light sources. Nevertheless, you can have more than some torn flower petals. You can have decorative aquatic plants and water lilies. These will sure float and compete with everything else you decide to add.

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It can be hard to imagine how can music float on your swimming pool, but here is the answer: specialized stores have funny little musical gondoliers. They look so natural and they are really special thanks to the small features and dimensions. Anyway, the most important aspect is that they float, as any respectable gondolier, and that they can continuously reproduce a certain melody. Continuously meaning until their batteries are consumed and you will have to replace them. The point is that they will be one of the most special decors of your pool.

Floating  Wedding Decorations for Swimming Pools

Floating Wedding Decorations for Swimming Pools from bestpoolandspaproducts.com

Other light sources
It might seem dull, but other light sources are the ones to make a real floating and colorful show on the water. There are floating led stars, floating glitter globes with light cycles that can change colors, plastic water lilies working with LEDs, plastic light up jellyfishes and, the most spectacular ones – the light fountains that can pop out light rays on one or even three tiers. They all work with replaceable batteries and are incredibly cheap.11

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