Fleur De Lis Wedding Invitation

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Choosing the right styles and theme for your wedding invites is not easy. There are a lot of choices and couples get confused. In order to make a firm decision you need to know what your wedding theme is. Based on it you could choose your inspiring wedding invites. For a spring or summer wedding you could choose a favorite flower that you like and create an entire concept based on it. For instance roses., orchids or fleur-de-lis which is a very lovely and elegant flower. Fleur-de-lis stands for lily and it symbolizes royalty. You can use this flower as your main inspiration for the wedding invites.

114567 fleur de lis wedding invitation 2 Fleur De Lis Wedding Invitation

Fleur De Lis Wedding Invitation (Source: momentaldesigns.com)

The design can be abstract or a simple one. You could choose multiple fleur-de-lis models. Browse online stationery to see what are your options. The prices depend, but in most cases they are affordable. You can even have your own customized fleur-de-lis wedding invite. You just need to talk to a professional and let him know how you envisioned your wedding invite. You can choose some colorful cardstock and go with some pastel tones or opt for brighter flowers and a pastel background. Fleur-de-lis comes in different colors. Use the colors to achieve very modern and sophisticated looks.

114567 fleur de lis wedding invitation Fleur De Lis Wedding Invitation

Fleur De Lis Wedding Invitation (Source: lunalux.com)

For an elegant and classy wedding theme opt for simple white fleur-de-lis image. Don’t forget about the wording and the etiquette code. The way you address your guests is also very important. It can be either casual or formal. Find texts and poems that suit your wedding style and your style as a couple as well.


You can ether type the words or hire a calligrapher. The writing needs to specify relevant facts like the time and location of your reception. If you wish you could include a phone number so that the guests can call if they have further questions regarding the reception. Remember to get creative with the invites. The invites you choose are important because they set the tone for your entire wedding theme.



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