Fleur De Lis Wedding Cakes

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You can give the idea of a bunk wedding cake and to add security, you can opt for fondant icing. So you will remove the temptation of the cream or whipped cream that could induce to the child that held your wedding ring or the girl who sprinkled flower petals on your way to the altar. Of course, choose any style of wedding cake that you like, because the most important thing is that invitations to remember the taste, so the emphasis should be on its flavor, in the first place.

People believe strongly in the special meanings of flowers and choose floral arrangementsĀ  in consequences. Fleur de lis is innocent, while Stephanotis ensures happiness in the marriage. Orchids symbolize true love, chrysanthemums guarantee wealth and abundance, and the mixture of freesia and gardenia refer to your innocence and purity. To make sure you choose flowers with a significance at the wedding, find out which is their symbolic meaning. Fleur de lis is remarkable for its flower shapes, colors and the pleasant scent. It also has a symbolic value in many civilizations of the world. Thus, in Greek mythology, fleur de lis is the goddess of the sun, considered a messenger between Olympus and Earth, its roads are marked by a colorful rainbow that softened her sober appearance.

After the appearance of Christianity, fleur de lis began to be regarded as flowers of the Virgin Mary. In France was the first symbol of royalty, being famous forerunner lilies. The iris flower and chrysanthemum are the official symbol of Japan. Fleur de lis is a native, especially in the northern hemisphere, is a specific plant to the cold temperate zones and boundaries can be seen to desert. In terms of environmental requirements are less demanding plants, can grow in the most different terms. Thus, there are species that grow in water on the lakes in full sun or shade trees. Plant bulbs or rhizomes in the ground shows that start in the right leaves, like swords with slender stems bearing flowers at the top one to seven or even more varied colored flowers in shades of blue, yellow, purple and white.

From some species of fleur de lis, we can mention:
fleur de lis Holland – has a high flower stalk (40-50 cm), right, concealed by leaf sheaths;
fleur de lis magnificent – the plant is tall, robust, with large leaves and flowers bright purple color with yellow spots;
fleur de lis reticulated – is discreetly scented flowers blue-purple with orange and fits in nicely arranging in sunny rounds . It is also an excellent plant for growing in pots.

Using to decorate your wedding cake with fleur de lis could be an excellent idea because is a flower absolutely remarkable because of its fragile and ephemeral beauty, the perfection of line and his elegant posture.

Like many other elements of the wedding ,the tradition of having a wedding cake and cake cutting dates back millennia. Cutting of the cake itself by the bride and the groom, with both hands, symbolizes the couple’s common future. Cutting the wedding cakes is usually still a relatively modern custom.
The Romans shared a cake during the wedding, often made from wheat flour, salt and water. In many wedding cakes, fruit and nuts are often found themselves, they were first introduced by the British. In the past centuries, it is customary to throw a few small cakes over the bride’s head, as it customary today with confetti. Similarly, the wedding cake was crumbled over the bride’s head to bring fertility.11

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