Fleur-de-Lis Wedding Cake

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There is only one way to get a perfect wedding out of the box, as long as you make up your mind on a certain motif to join all the wedding elements together, and add it a little bit of proportion and coherency. The best way you could do that is to find a beautiful theme for your wedding and start picking the thematic “ingredients” to give the event a beautiful décor and stability. If your wedding is going on several directions all along, then don’t expect to have a frame and a light motif that can be observed and admired in every corner of the reception room.
We are going to show you what amazing things you can do with a Fleur-de-lis motif. This is a gone to extreme elegant option for those who plan a French wedding or a royal wedding. In New Orleans this is a symbol of richness, fashionable, attractiveness and distinguished people. The most impressive advantage of using this particular floral arrangement all over your wedding is that it has a neutral-gender therefore no groom could ever refuse or deny the beauty and the charming effects that this motif could have on hi wedding decoration.

Fleur-de-lis symbols can be used in many spots and places of your wedding embellishment process, but the choices must be made depending on all the circumstances of the room and other decorations. Fleur-de-lis symbolizes, first of all, purity and elegance, that is why it’s a very good decision for a forma, classy wedding. It can be used in a golden ink nuance to increase the effect of beauty, grandeur and richness.

But you can always pick another color of these: ivory, burgundy, navy or forest green, and just use the golden for the accents. The main thing in setting the Fleur-de-lis theme in your wedding is to engrave the invitations with it. This way, your guests will remark the symbol even more when they will come to the wedding.

The motif can be incorporated in the wedding dresses embroidery as well, to create an impact within the whole scenery of the wedding. The symbol can be sewed in the middle front of the dress, or back on the train. And finally we approach the piece of resistance where we can use the fleur-de-lis motif: on the wedding cake itself! Maybe you find it hard to believe that such symbol can be posted on such a delicate thing as the cake is. But it is not as difficult to create a design that could fit the symbol wherever you desire.

Therefore you can tell the designer to use the motif on each layer so the wedding cake to look equilibrating and rich. For the royal wedding theme you can elect the golden fleur-de-lis to adorn a white cake made out of fondant. This will fit amazingly well with a classic, elegant wedding. If you are looking for a more sophisticated Fleur-de-lis wedding cake you could add this motif on top of other pattern, such as a gross, compact lace, and everything will look simply delicious. Fleur-de-lis wedding cakes can look fancy in every design, as long as the motif is used with caution.11

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