Flawless wedding planning for a crazy movie theme

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Caption…an expression suitable for a shooting stage I’d say … but what would result if we introduce it in the context of weddings? Life beats the films and the movies inspiration is all that we love, cherish, admire, support every day. Do we identify with the main characters in movies? Why  would our story be inferior to that of Bonny and Clyde, Romeo &  Juliet, Tristan & Isolde, Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Baccall,  Napoleon & Josephine, Superman & Lois Lane, Lancelot &  Guenivere …? We have fingerprints, genetic structure, thinking, unique feelings; we can say  that our story is unique and original and is in our power to transform it into  something memorable.
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We  met the person that completes us, with whom life is a beautiful script, we choose  with care and affection the lines to say with utter conviction: “YES! “. Yes for now, for tomorrow, for a lifetime, for a path in two paved with<a href=”http://www.theweddingspecialists.net/tips-for-decorations-with-planning-wedding-pictures/”> unique moments</a>. <br />Stop frame! <br />Dating back to the land … Wedding day! <br />We started with the upsurge in organizing a wedding as a collage of famous movies and you need a <strong>flawless wedding planning</strong>. A red carpet at entrance imitating the road at the Oscar ceremony , it cannot miss an outfit suitable to this theme, slightly extravagant, an array of all the elegant  fashion of the 60 years could provide inspiration to create something  “<a href=”http://www.vintagewedding.com/”>vintage</a>” but loved daily. Generous  folds of Marilyn Monroe, possibly a white tie, delicate embroidery, a veil  that hides emotions easily betrayed by the look in your eyes,  a pair of shoes which could easily win a place in the collection of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Undoubtedly you need a trailer, a preview-mosaic of scenes devoted to the history of the 7 th art. Hollywood, Bollywood, Broadway, Star Avenue will be found in the location where the wedding party will devolve. The tables  will wear name films: “Declaration of Love”, “Gone with the Wind”,  “Love Story”, “Friends,” “Top Gun”, “Sound of Music”, “Grease”.<br />The invitation reveals  the <a href=”http://www.wedthemes.com/”>wedding theme</a> in the form of rolls of film that includes  pictures from childhood and till the moment when your paths had united. The stage  directions impulse us to have fun so you’ll open the dance with a jumping swing which has in background the sound of Queen song: “Crazy  Little Thing Called Love.” <br />I sincerely hope at a positive “review”, in favor of a “crazy little idea”, oddball and naughty.

I even dare to say that this <strong>flawless wedding planning</strong> will convince you to opt for this unique idea. Why do we choose a wedding theme? Because  we wanted to get out of molds, to create memories that will generate  smiles over years and years whenever we look back convinced that “dream  wedding we had.” Because each story is unique and worthy to be told in a particular way. Because  we want to believe in things of which importance is represented by the personal note: a  different kind of invitation, a different setting, a different dance ..  an event that defines us.11

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