First Wedding Anniversary Gift From Parents

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If this is your first wedding anniversary then there are lots to celebrate. Gather your friends and family and have a small gathering at your house. Use balloons and candles to make the ambiance a very festive one. Your wife can make some of her famous recipes or you can order the food from a catering company. Even if you don’t want gifts, the guests will probably buy you something. Your parents will also have to prepare a surprise for you. If you know your children need a new washing machine or maybe an oven in their kitchen then get them one. Your gifts don't have to be symbolic when they can be practical.

And since you are their parents you can each share the costs for such a bigger present. Whatever you buy for them it can be either for the both of them or buy something for each of them. Get your daughter some makeup or a gift certificate to one of her favorite makeup shops. You can also buy her a curling iron and some hair products or jewelry. If you know your son in law loves fishing then let your husband do all the shopping. He probably knows more about fishing rods and finishing equipment than you. You can also get him a sweater and cologne or an electrical razor. You can find lots of ideas just by surfing the internet a few times.

First Wedding Anniversary Gift From Parents

First Wedding Anniversary Gift From Parents (Photo by: Charlotte Geary)

You can also bake them both an anniversary cake. If you love making desserts and if they love your desserts then this is the perfect gift for their party. The cake can be a heart one and you can write something on it or you can have it decorated with some edibles flowers, leaves, stars or even pralines. Make it as special as you want since this is for two people you love so much. These gifts of yours can also consist in money if you know they need it. Maybe they want to buy something for the house or for their car. So monetary gifts might also come in handy.


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