First Dance Wedding Songs New Alternative

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Weddings are seen in their displaying as a symphony of color, of joy, of emotional moments, all these being staged either by the wedding couples or by the wedding planning professionals hired precisely in this purpose. While the events that fill the atmosphere of a wedding begin to unfold the symphony starts to be played gradually starting from the lowest tones of the events that take place in the decency of a worship place and reaching their climax with the events that are performed together with the entertainment program of the wedding reception.

This symphony is sometimes composed as the one that we generally know to be the classical music where the couples are performing their traditional rituals in a formal note, but at the same time there is the other type of symphony where couples choose to perform a wedding celebration in another note using new alternatives to the classical style.

And comparing the complexity of a symphony with that of a wedding our mind is drawn towards the notes that accompany the feelings that are unwound inside this specific atmosphere. Therefore, choosing music for the ceremonial of a wedding and for the wedding party is an aspect that depends a lot on the way you have decided to run your wedding celebration. Thus the traditional style involves the celebration in a formal note and finding a new alternative to the formality of a traditional white wedding is the way to draw the planning of each detail in a different and specific manner and description.


Finding the new alternative for the note of your wedding event is the reason that incurs another perspective of looking toward the wedding details. And as such, the theme steps out of the ordinary, the wedding gowns are as well more than unusual both in color and design, the choice of flowers can also be subject to un-commonness and last, but not least the choice of music. All these are meant as well to be displayed in a location that if it is not unusual, it can create an ambient that doesn’t look at all with the quite and formal one.

Planning the new alternative music to the old, common one, the wedding couples face the situation of either hiring a DJ, who in this case might not help as long as the theme is somehow original in its conceiving, therefore no antecedents created in the previous weddings experience of the DJ, or go for their own choices in the new alternative sounds of the wedding music.

The reception is the place to stand the most for a musical statement, the events asking for the musical background, these being one at a time performed in the following order: big entrance, father and daughter dance, mother and son dance, first dance, and cake cutting – the final part that closes the displaying of this symphony known to be the one of joy, color and emotional moments.

Making the list for the first dance wedding songs new alternative to the sounds of usual love ballads that many couples prefer, some suggestions could be considered: Amy Winehouse – “Cupid”, Anthony & The Johnsons – “Fists of love”, Bright Eyes – “First days of my life”, Chris Cornell – “Thank you”, Eagle Eye Cherry – “Save tonight”. The songs selected as first dance wedding songs new alternative could be selected as the ones to represent and stand for your credo in regard to the new life that opens in front of you as a new and more beautiful alternative to the old one.11

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