Fireman Wedding Cakes

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If you are marrying a fireman and you want to make his job part of the wedding because its job is also its passion, you should consider using fireman inspiration for all the elements of your wedding. You should start with the color scheme of the event and end with the wedding cake that you will cut together. When it comes to the wedding cake, you should know that there are quite a few interesting ideas that you should apply. To help you I’ve listed some of them below.

Fireman Wedding Cakes

Fireman Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Lauren)

First of all, you should consider playing with the shape and the theme of the cake. For instance, you should consider ordering a wedding cake shaped like a fireman’s hat. Those hats are like a holy symbol of firemen and are pretty easy to turn into wedding cakes. To add a personal touch to the traditional hat, you should make sure the baker adds to it the rank of your fireman groom as well as his department name and number. If you are interested in a really big wedding cake, you should even consider pairing this hat with some firefighter boots. By using two separate elements in order to create your wedding cake you will be able to serve at the wedding more than one flavor.


If the budget allows it, you should consider being even more creative and asking the baker to create a wedding cake that’s shaped like a fire truck. If you are interested in such a wedding cake, you will have to find a baker ready to take on the challenge and be ready to provide all the details that will help him/her make sure that the cake wears only authentic details. To remind everyone that they are still at a wedding, you should also add on top a wedding cake topper that displays a beautiful bride and a groom dressed in his firefighter outfit.

For those of you who don’t mind being unconventional and have chosen to use the color red for their firefighter wedding, I also recommend shaping the multi-tier cake like a fire hydrant. To add some unique touches to such a fireman wedding cake you should place, on its sides, firefighters that are trying to climb to the top. You can even add a ladder detail or some hoses. In addition, on top of the cake you should place an original wedding cake topper that matches the theme chosen for the cake.

Fireman Wedding Cakes

Fireman Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Sam DeLong)

Last, but not least you shouldn’t forget about the possibility to order the traditional multi-tier wedding cake and use more subtle touches in order to add to it the fireman theme of interest. Those subtle touches should involve a beautiful and funny firefighter wedding cake topper, some ladders and even some firefighter figurines shaped so that they look like they’re trying to climb the cake.  You can also choose to accentuate the fireman theme only in the décor by using a toy fire truck or the badge of the fire department to which the groom belongs. You should simply use your imagination and include as many fireman details as you want.


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