Firefighter Wedding Cakes

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Outdoor weddings add elements of adventure and the nature of your special wedding moment. The quality and composition of your photographs will be completely different, probably full of radiant red, orange and yellow of autumn, or the gorgeous pink, purple and blue flowers in spring. Review the following issues when you start the planning of an outdoor wedding!

You prefer a wild explosion of color, such as wild flowers of spring? You love more than great fall foliage? Decide what kind of background would you prefer for photos, video and your wedding memories in general. Many people dream of a picturesque wedding ceremony and party on the beach, in the countryside, near a waterfall or in another beautiful place. Agree with your future husband to choose a romantic place that fits best with your relationship. If he is a firefighter and likes a lot his job you can have a wonderful firefighter wedding cake. Avoid the rainy season, if possible, but remember that mother nature may reconsider at any time. Will be every detail of the wedding day extravagant and elegant? You prefer a more relaxed atmosphere? Once you realize your preferences in formality, you can decide on the style of the ceremony.

If your event will be particularly elegant, you may want to book a catering company and a professional personal service for you and your guests. If you want an outdoor wedding, but you can not afford a huge expense, you can enjoy a picnic style party outdoor with a buffet style.

Firefighters are an organization to intervene and help in cases of accidents, floods, fires or other similar situations, with powers to prevent or reduce the negative effect on people, animals and objects and organizing activities for their rescue. The first truck for fighting the fire was conducted in 1829, but was approved only in 1860. It was equipped with a steam engine and was pulled by horses. Pumps with internal combustion engines appeared in 1907 in the United States, followed by steam engines in 1925. So, a firefighter wedding cake can be an interesting choice for a modern couple.

Prepare some tents in case it starts to rain. Even if you have some sunny weather, the tents will provide a comfortable shelter from the hot rays. Add a soothing fountain to create a peaceful state of mind or think of bamboo torches to ignite an evening celebration. Bring several floral arrangements in the area where guests will gather to give a nice smell to the air. Keep in mind the existing elements of nature and find ways to enhance the natural beauty.

Once you choose your wedding flowers for autumn leaves, you’ll want to choose details to complete their look. Popular options for brides of autumnal weddings include:
• zucchini or other similar plants;
• colorful autumnal foliage in colors like copper, the color of the vine or leaf croton;
• ornamental fruit;
• dried herbs, such as rye and wheat;
• green and hemlock, juniper and ivy;

If you feel overwhelmed by the task of choosing the flowers for the wedding, attend wedding fairs, companies looking for wedding decorations, which will provide detailed information on floral arrangements or even offer wedding decorations. For some great ideas for seasonal flowers, take a look at some pictures of wedding bouquets. This comprehensive information resource allows you to search for flowers by region depending on their availability and colors. If you need a demonstration of how different combinations of lowers would look like, bridal bouquets and search images of fall floral arrangements from florists or wedding fairs.11

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  1. jane from fall floral

    March 29, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Some interesting ideas – I had never heard of a firefighter cake, but I wouldnt normally suggest a bride carries hemlock since it is poisonous and Im not sure the symbology of that is quite correct for a wedding!


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