Fio Spose Wedding Dresses

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In this article we are going to introduce you to a very spectacular and one of a kind bridal style that we think many modern brides would find attractive and perhaps suitable for their wedding. In the following lines we are going to talk about Fio Spose wedding dresses and offer you a few samples of this magnificent style promoted by this brand.


There is no doubt that these creations are fashionable, chic and totally extravagant. They were made for a stunning 2011 bridal collection and we think that any bride who is planning a wedding this year or next year will be able to find something truly remarkable to wear among these fascinating gowns. However, we consider these dresses timeless due to the ultra elegance, refinement and romanticism that transpire throughout the fabrics, the cuts and the embroideries.

We would personally recommend these dress masterpieces to all of you interested in obtaining a very stylish, voguish and original look for the big wedding day. We are pleased to see that more and more brides of today are attracted to everything that is innovative, creative and distinctive. There is no doubt that every bride s unique in her own way and this is exactly what a wedding dress must express: the individuality and the personal style of every single bride in part. If a wedding gown is not able to reflect the bride’s personality, then it might not be the right dress!

Nevertheless, we must mention that the number of bridal fashion designers who are creating fabulous original and fashion-forward wedding dresses today is constantly increasing. This can only sound like good news because these contemporary haute couture wedding dress that we’re talking about are not only vanguardist and unconventional, they are also very feminine, soft and whimsically romantic. We must all be ready to adopt and assume a new type of romanticism, bridal innocence and elegance featured by the modern wedding dress in order to know how to wear a modern gown.

It’s never easy to opt for a more untraditional, eye-catchy and provocative wedding dress for the big day. The bride who decides to wear a fashionable haute couture wedding gown must know how to wear it. These remarkable Fio Spose wedding dresses that we’re presenting here are made especially for contemporary women who know exactly what they want, and that is to look unique, hot and trendy on the day. All the gowns that you can admire on this page were made by Fiorella Dell’Acqua – a young couturier who managed to impress everyone with her ability and innovative style in creating such strikingly beautiful, high class and elevated wedding dresses.

We think that these Fio Spose wedding dress can fulfill any off the beat bride’s dream and offer her the experience of her life. The passion for creating magical and sensational wedding dresses transpire through the bold geometrical structures and patterns and through the novelty used for creating the embroideries, the accents and the embellishments.11

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