Finger Food Ideas For A Wedding Reception

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One of the most appealing things of a wedding, especially for the guests, is the food. Everybody looks forward to see the bride and the cake and explore the menu. And when it comes to the wedding food, everybody complains that it is one of the most expensive aspects to plan. The food is extremely important and this is why it costs so much. But the variety of menus and prices available today can help any couple keep the wedding food expenses within the budget.

If you are short on money you can consider finger food. This type of meal is excellent for those who are having a casual wedding outside the doors. You can use fruits and vegetables from the season to flatter your guests with an organic and refreshing taste. Seasonal food and treats are refreshing and ideal for alfresco receptions. But it doesn’t really matter if the party occurs indoors or outdoors. Besides the cake and desserts, a wedding should provide with a wider variety of small finger foods to enjoy between the main courses and the dances.

Finger Food Ideas For Wedding Reception

Finger Food Ideas For Wedding Reception (Photo by: baka_san)

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There are many ideas at this point for you to consider. But as in any other case, you must pay special attention to diabetics, vegetarians and other people with allergies. It’s very easy to cut down the costs by serving finger food at the reception. This type of food is inexpensive and very delicious. Everybody loves cheese & fruit, tea sandwiches or pizza. You should use both cold and hot finger foods to make sure that everybody is pleased. You can add a special something to the menu, like sushi. This type of finger food works exceptionally well for Asian themed receptions. Combine sushi with cooked rolls and vegetable rolls. This is an easy food to eat and enjoy. You can even set up a special station to serve it. The waiters can pass the food throughout the evening if you want a more elegant type of serving.

What about dips? We think it’s an excellent idea to bring sweet and salty dips for your fruit and vegetable trays. Honey-mustard and ranch based dips are ideal for vegetable finger food. They work great for countryside weddings or rustic affairs. As for your sweet dips, use melted chocolate, raspberry and caramel dips. You can serve fruits at this chapter. Chicken wings are fabulous selections for inexpensive wedding finger food. They work great with barbecue, honey and spicy flavors. Bring in some cubed chunks of meat based on chicken, turkey or ham alongside with spicy or sweet sauces. Mini-quiche based on Lorraine cheese, spinach and ham are only a few ideas. Puff pastries, chocolate-covered strawberries, crackers, mini kabobs, sausages and pineapple and blue cheese bites are other delicious choices!


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