Finding a Great Wedding Planner

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Tiny bit difficult but then again, it’s a matter of research, even Hermione wouldn’t put it better in words. While in her magic world, there isn’t a search engine, so can get stuck in the library with too many books, we have better options. There are many tips and tricks from the experts themselves, so let’s have a look.
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1.Family members
I’m sure you have a flash update in the family, that high tech person, always up-to-date with everything including what’s new on youtube, the one who would also fix your computer, could also find you a great person for a wedding planner.

2. Check newspapers
Eh, you might say, I never see deals in newspapers, to which I strongly disagree because a few of them post the offers in different newspapers, maybe you’re always skipping that section; So don’t throw them away, might prove useful.

3. Web
Yes, the web. While the same Hermione might still be in the library reading, which is good for the memory don’t get me wrong; doing your own research is good, I found good websites on event planning by accident. You could learn how to handle your wedding on your own as well, if having a small wedding, especially when you’re a creative person yourself.

4. Wedding venues
Sometimes, wedding venues can recommend event planners, even their own; that is convenient for you because they are already familiar with the venue, they know what and how it works, and that only works in your advantage. An event planners must be above all, a trained person, and overall open and nice, trustworthy and confident. One you can be comfortable with, otherwise business can’t get done, right? Another thing, they should be handling your wedding planning rather well, and to direct the budget in the needed directions. You could ask for resume/Cv, the accreditation/diploma if in doubt, or just to be sure you got yourself a professional.

Finding a Great Wedding Planner

Great Wedding Planning Ideas from

At least two years of event management is perfect. Someone in the family got married recently? Always can ask for advice, nothing better than an understanding relative. Meanwhile, prioritize the things you’re sure you need so that when the perfect wedding planner comes along, you have everything ready to go. Good luck with it and have some fun along the way!11

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