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Are you planning your wedding in Philippine? Or maybe your spouse to be is Filipino, or many you are very interested about this country. If you dream to have your wedding in Philippine, then you will want to know what wedding traditions they have, what type of wedding gowns they were, what is in fashion, you will want to know more about their culture. Are you planning for a traditional Filipino wedding or a classical, modern wedding?
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The country has a rich history and that reflect in their culture and tradition. What better why then showing some elements of their culture than a wedding, the most important event in someone’s life? Modern designers get inspiration from traditional wedding attire, to create new beautiful wedding gowns. In Filipine it is very fashionable to have piña that means graceful butterfly sleeves, such style remains to be traditional and classical favorite.

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Two of the top Filipino designers are Rajo Laurel and Joel Bautista that creates Filipino themed wedding gowns. There are different styles in the three major islands of the country. There are different inspirations, colonial, Muslims, and ethnic. The ethnic gown will have ethnic motif, an interpretation of ikat, and other tribal elements, another trend is traditional material cut, into modern silhouettes. The most familiar style it will be a three piece ensemble (blouse, skirt and pañuelo) with the optional, alampay and patadyong, and the terno. Most brides prefer a two piece style, over the “Imelda terno”. The materials they use reflect the diversity of the Filipino culture like silk organza, organdy, jusi, piña, silk and pure silk, and abaca. The Filipino bride’s attire is typically made of a custom made, white wedding grown, this is from American influence. The Filipino groom wears, Barong Tagalog, a formal, traditional, transparent, and embroidered and button up shirt, made from jusi fabric, made from pineapple fibers. This formal Filipino groom attire, is worn tucked and with a white T-Shirt beneath, and over a black pants.

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Traditionally a Filipino bride will wear her best dress on her wedding day, especially poor brides that didn’t afford to buy a dress only for this event, and if they did the wedding dress will be worn on different occasions after the wedding. Orange blossoms, used for wedding bouquets and church decorations are still very famous. A Filipino theme wedding gown can be a good option for any bride.11


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