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Isn’t every bride’s dream to wear a romantic, elegant and stylish feminine wedding dress on the day? Doesn’t every woman want to look as innocent, natural and chic as possible on the big day? Perhaps the vast majority of the brides today would say yes, although there are still many brides – more traditional and conventional who would prefer to wear something more dramatic, elaborated and extravagant.

The secret of a beautiful modern feminine wedding dress is in the simplicity of the design. As long as the lines, the cuts and the embroideries are being kept simple, discreet and subtle, everything is going to look incredibly gorgeous, charming and attractive.

The best way and the only way to obtain a successful modern bridal look is to follow this path of simple chic feminine wedding dresses, styles that are becoming more and more popular especially among young and off the beat brides who are always looking for novelties and fresh trendy styles in this field. If you haven’t got the chance to get in contact and to familiarize with the way a simple contemporary wedding dress looks like we invite you to do it now.

Take a close look at these pictures with feminine wedding dresses that we’ve attached to this article and tell us what you think. Do you find these styles too simple, plain and perhaps unattractive or totally unsuitable for the amplitude of a wedding or you think that they are truly sensual, refined, dainty and dandy because of the simple lines and cuts?

You will be able to find these types of dresses in almost all wedding dress designer’s newest collections, made especially to fit the vanguardist modern bride who is always on a run, busy and yet quite casual and relaxed. It’s very important that the new contemporary wedding dress to match or fit all these new ways of living of the independent modern bride who has new habits, new preferences and a completely new lifestyle that’s rather more solicitant, active and perhaps stressful than easy and free of responsibilities.

Most of the modern wedding dresses are made in a special chic and stylish casual way in order to provide the bride with the necessary comfort and practicality during the day. Every bride needs to feel both comfy and beautiful on the wedding day and these styles are able to provide.

The bride needs not only to look gorgeous, unique, stylish and distinctive on the day but also to feel cozy and commodious enough to pass through all the ceremonies and conventional activities efferent to a wedding. The feminine look of a wedding dress can be given by a certain type of subtle and refined lace embroidery, through wider or thicker ruffles, frills or tiers, though different flower or bow appliqués, etc. For a magical romantic wedding in San Francisco this type of dress can really do you justice.

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  1. Shana

    February 18, 2011 at 3:58 am

    Hello. I enjoy reading your article, when I have time to do it, but when I don’t have so much time to spend on the internet, I enjoy looking at the wedding gowns that you propose here. Some of them are amazing and I know I will never be able to wear. And some of them are quite wearable. Which is good for those brides relying on a smaller budget. Today I was looking for something that would underline the femininity of a bride, that would make a bride look very modern and at the same time chic, feminine. I think these dresses here are well chosen. And what I think about these dresses that are supposed to make you look feminine is that they should fit the bride’s personality and when that happens, then you need not worry about anything else.


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