Feather Wedding Cakes

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According to the latest trends in weddings, feathers are making a huge come-back among the most inspiring, classy, stylish, elegant and stunning accessories for a wedding. Couples who choose this superb and delicate decorative item for their wedding day are definitely looking for a more romantic, pure, gentle, feminine, non-conventional and fabulous wedding.

Today’s trends say that feathers can be incorporated into the wedding cake as well, for a more charming, high-class and bon taste wedding atmosphere. So, if the specialists say it, why not follow their vision! And it’s true: a feather wedding cake looks extremely fashionable, chic, impressive, distinctive, refined and pretty sleek, perfect for any glamorous, royal or simple but still extremely elegant wedding.

This is a great advantage and asset of the feathers, the fact that they look extremely elegant in any context. Whether you are planning a simple, casual and relaxed wedding or perhaps a more sophisticated, formal and exquisite wedding, feathers look gorgeous in both situations.

More and more modern wedding cake designers are happy to create edible feather wedding cake toppers and decorative motifs because more and more couples are asking for this superb theme. A feather wedding cake always manages create a flattering and unforgettable visual impact especially if the color of the feather is still white.

For those of you who are looking for a more funky, funny and creative feather wedding cake can always choose a more colored feather such as pink, blue, red, black, cream, brown, purple, orange or burgundy. Any tropical sandy beach feather wedding cakes can be beautiful adorned with any of these exotic colors. Winter wedding cakes usually look amazing decorated with white, ivory or red feathers.

For a more glamorous, royal, shiny and sleek effect one can use also some golden leafs or flowers, as well as any other matching jewelry, crystals, diamonds, pearls, beading or gems. These sparkling decorative items will add more richness and light to the feather theme and create a more stunning and gorgeous appearance. For a retro wedding or maybe for a cabaret wedding theme the feather wedding cake styles work beautifully. Use pink, ivory or blue marabou feather for a more colored and sophisticated look and scatter them into a simple white wedding cake.

Any simple, inexpensive and regular white wedding cake can be beautiful adorn with colored matching feathers and simply turn into a more impressive and elegant wedding desert. Peacock feathers are also a very trendy and fashionable item for a 2010 wedding cake’s decoration or topper. So, whether you are planning on a simple, casual and intimate wedding, or perhaps you are looking for a more luxurious and extravagant wedding, a feather wedding cake appearance is perfect for both styles of wedding.11

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