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Irish weddings are carried in a feast of singing and dancing and because the Irish music consists of a variety of cheerful tunes, the dancing itself becomes a joy to move your body to it. The way Irish people dance involves the motion of entire body, one can not perform in simple steps, the dancing itself following the pattern of the music which generally contains part A and part B. Therefore the dance is performed in the repetitions of moves each one belonging to a specific part. The Irish music is played in a session where a group of musicians sit in circle and play together, at the same time inviting other people to join in and the more players sing the merrier is the tune.

A feature that accompanies the Irish tunes is that they are supposed to be played with “feeling” defined in these terms as being subtle variations of timing, volume and tone as well as the ornament styles of the bends and slides that can bring out the emotions contained in a tune. A feature that is characteristic to the Irish music is the way a song starts; it is performed in slow tunes where all the feelings are depicted, thus displaying the quality of the tune, for gradually to play faster and in the end to invite everybody to dance. ¬†These gradually approach of the tune comes with the benefit that it refreshes the memory of how the song goes before being played at speed allowing the performer to express the¬† power that lies within the song itself.

Planning the wedding celebration you come across the moment where you need to find the music that depicts the Irish spirit of the characters (bride and groom, mothers and fathers) involved in the unfolding of an Irish wedding. The wedding reception is a fine occasion to display this spirit in the most descriptive moments of the event. For one, father daughter wedding songs Irish people choose are born from the old folkloric music, the one that accounts for the intensity of feelings that relate so closely to the elements of nature. To name one song, “My wild Irish rose” is a metaphorical song dedicated to the person seen as a wild rose that is incomparable to other roses which in its blooming shows its greatness only to the beloved one.

Another song “The time has come” is about the one who has to leave the beloved person, depicting the feelings of sorrow and the ineluctability of the separation, though he knows that together they could be strong. The road he is taking will show the world the pain he bears within once they are separated, and the sadness which descends in their soul will permanently burn their beings. These songs can be selected on the list of favorite tunes for father daughter wedding songs Irish couples prepare for their Irish wedding party, and as much as they are filled with bitterness, they depict the reality of the fact that father has to depart from his little girl, handing her over to the man of her life.

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