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Wedding Party | July 15 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

If my last articles were about mother son wedding dance and perfect songs, now it’s time to speak about other important moment of the wedding party, as important as mother and groom dance. I am talking about father  daughter wedding dance songs. I don’t know why, but nowadays, it seems that this moment becomes even more important than  mother son dance wedding songs, even that it should be “equal in importance” (how mathematically).  Yes, I know, the brides, as women, are more sensitive than men, and the fathers are so romantic and tenders when it comes about “daddy’s girl” , but let’s not forget about moms who are the most important “human beings” in the world, about their efforts and sacrifices, about their sleepless nights, about their worries and thoughts “How can I help my son?, “What should I say him?” , “Is this woman really good for him? “  and so on. Probably, you are wondering why I started to talk about this subject.
Well, because last week I was invited to a wedding and there I had the surprise of noticing that the father and daughter dance was truly waited while the mother and son dance was like “other part of the wedding”. I understand the term “modern wedding” , but paying more attention to father daughter dance and eating during mother son dance is not about modern wedding. The idea that must remain in your head:  father and daughter dance is as same important as mother and groom dance and try not blurring your groom’s dance with his mother with your dance with your father. All in all, the things are simple.

Before suggesting you some father daughter wedding dance songs, I’d like to put you at current with other trend of the modern oddball weddings. I saw this idea applied at two wedding: parents are dancing with their children in the same time, even that these two dances should be different. But, now it’s up to you. I’m thinking that this idea is applied maybe because both dances are expressing the same thing: the love between parents and children. I am not very into this idea, but not it’s up to you if you’ll choose to make from two different moments a single moment and share the same melody.

Now, please allow me to suggest you some father daughter wedding dance songs:  “A song For My Daughter” performed by Ray Allaire; “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” performed by Marvin Gaye; “Because You Loved Me” performed by Celine Dion; “Butterfly Kisses” performed by Bob Carlisle; “Cinderella” performed by Steven Curtis Chapman; “Daddy” performed by Beyonce; “Daddy Let’s Dance” performed by Jamie Tate; “Daddy’s Hands” performed by Holly Dunn; “Daddy’s Little Girl” performed by Mills Brothers. Come on, Misses! What song do you’ll choose for such an important dance with your father?11

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