Fast Wedding

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Weddings usually take a lot of time and money, a careful planning from advance, renting locations, booking an officiant, receiving ordered items through mail and so far. Would you like a fast wedding and also relatively cheap? Here is what you should know.

Fast weddings
Fast weddings are more casual than the rest of such events and, as a consequence, less expensive. Obviously, you cannot have a fast wedding and expect for everything to be perfect or smoothly. Some of your friends might not even be able to attend on it depending of the circumstances. And you basically have two main options – a destination wedding and a backyard wedding.

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Destination weddings
Destination weddings are fast from a few points of view – you are not the one to plan everything because professionals will be responsible with it and things will accelerate; you can have your honeymoon in there as well; and if you choose a destination famous for hosting weddings, such as Las Vegas, you will sure get married in no time. The problem is that you could have to pay for your friends to come or you could only say “I do” in front of who knows what paid witness. Either way, it is your personal choice.

Backyard weddings
A backyard wedding is obviously less expensive before being a fast one. The point is that you use that generous space for both the ceremony and the reception. You do not have to travel between these two and nor your guests. And you can have an early in the morning wedding, with one of the simplest buffets, or with a cocktail party at noon and then take off to your honeymoon, leaving the rest of your friends to continue the party if they feel like doing it. Having your very own location, you are not conditioned of waiting for a certain venue to be free and ministers or officiants are not that hard to find.

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Things to consider
A fast wedding does not have to be irresponsible. You still need to make yourself a plan and set up a budget. A checklist would be more than necessary under such circumstances. And if you do not have too many guests, you can simply take them to a restaurant after the ceremony and spend a few nice pleasant hours while drinking and talking. Alternatively, you could get them in a bus or something like that and take them to a picnic. Finally, because everything will happen so fast, at least do not forget to have some friends taking you as many snapshots as possible.11


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