Fast Wedding Planning Checklist

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To have a divine wedding, you must take care of all the important things and also of all the fine points a perfect wedding is requiring. You need time, patience, you also need help and creativeness. Nowadays, a wedding is more appreciated if it’s a unique wedding, and a unique wedding is that party which wears the bride’s mark, her creativeness and inventiveness. Of course, there are lots of tasks which must be fulfilled in order to have a great wedding, but if you’d like to impress your guests with something unique, you must pay attention to fine points, to include some spectacular ideas at your wedding party. But, all in all, nothing is so difficult as it’s sounds.

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First of all, you must take care of the most important things such as booking the restaurant, sending the invitation, talking with the photograph and the cameraman, setting a menu and so on. These things requires the most time but if you’ll accomplish them with some months before the big day, you can make a fast wedding planning checklist and write in it some different ideas which will make your wedding be a unique one.

In this article, I’ll try to suggest you some ideas perfect to be included in your fast wedding planning checklist and they come with a simple piece of advice: try something different from traditional wedding program. We all know how it’s a wedding because we’ve went at least to a wedding but some modern ideas never hurt somebody.

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-Wedding newsletter- Instead of putting on paper wedding program, you can create a newsletter for guests. Write in it details about the main participants at the wedding: sponsors, parents, ladies and groomsmen. You can write a small poem or a quote. You also can include in it family photos or from childhood. Explain the traditions that you will make at the wedding, put the restaurant map and write some directions to reach at the right local.

-Wedding program on a fan. Your guests will appreciate the fans especially on hot summer days, but they can be useful in any season. You can choose between different shapes, sizes and colors. You can add ribbons, bows or amulets. Hang one fan at each seat or put them in a basket and offer them to your guests at the local entrance.

-Wedding Brochure- If you have more available time, you can make a brochure. Put photos, write special tributes and add personal details on each page of the brochure. On the first page, you can put the name of the bride and wedding date with a picture of yours on the background.Think at the wedding program as a starting point to communicate with your family and your friends.

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