Farmers Wedding Cake Toppers

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”Old McDonald had a farm…” do you remember that song? As I was searching for cake toppers for a farm wedding I was remembering this childhood song and I was thinking how nice it is to grow up in a farm, eating healthy food, playing with animals not spending all day playing computer games as ”city kids”. I imagine a wedding at a farm will be much more natural, rustic, joyful and full of life. We tend to think that in big cities there is all the fun and attractions but all that fades away, nothing can compare with fresh air, healthy natural food, beautiful sunrises, clear sky, breathtaking sunsets.

Farm weddings are simple, rustic, full of life and have a more relaxed atmosphere than city weddings. If you are planning your wedding at a farm every detail should reflect this theme starting from your wedding invitations and finishing with the wedding cake topper. The details and decorations for a farm wedding are much more simple, you don’t have to choose something too conventional or too glamorous. That is why farm weddings are so beautiful and natural because they are simple.

Farmers Wedding Cake Toppers

Farmers Wedding Cake Topper from

You can plan a rustic country style wedding. A wedding in a village is an important event for the whole community. It is not a private event like in a city. Usually in some parts the whole village is participating at the wedding, helping in planning and organizing the wedding, so you can expect a lot of guests. You can plan a rustic reception outdoor. An important detail will be your wedding cake topper. For a farm wedding the cake topper should match the theme of course you can not choose a sophisticated topper made from precious stones, or crystal or something too glamorous. You will ruin the charm of your farm wedding if you do that. So the wedding cake topper should be simple, not too expensive, not too extravagant. You can select the classic bride and groom topper with some country side details, maybe with cowboy boots or hats. Or you can choose animal wedding cake toppers, chickens, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, a lot of figurines or just a pair. You can choose a miniature farm topper. For a rustic style the wedding cake topper can be made from wood. It is easy to find toppers for farm weddings. If you want animal wedding cake topper you can find them on many websites. Animal wedding cake toppers are funny and are perfect for farm weddings. You can choose personalized wedding cake toppers.

Farmers Wedding Cake Toppers

Farmers Wedding Cake Toppers from

From Colorado Carla websites you can choose a cake topper representing the wedding couple on a tractor. This topper cost $ 60. The topper can be customized you can change the colors, you can choose the size and the figurines can resemble you. If you have an idea of a cake topper for your farm wedding, ask the artists to create the type of topper you want.11

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