Fall Wedding Ideas

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If the wedding is organized in a cold season, the heroes of this occasion may be frozen or even get sick. Then, instead of a honeymoon in Turkey or Egypt, with their cocktails and swimming pools, they will wait for a warm blanket, handkerchief and raspberries tea. Therefore, if your wedding takes place in autumn or winter, make sure of a warm cape, or an elegant fur coat. This is one of the fall wedding ideas that will make you look special but also will keep you warm.

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Bridal salon or regular store?
Typically, stores in the cold season can boast a wide selection of wedding coats and elegant fur capes. They are decorated with ribbons, lace items, rhinestones, crystals. Selecting a fur coat or cloak must be done in accordance with the dress. They should be in harmony with each other. If your wedding will be held at a trendy restaurant with a large number of guests, it is best suited fur of mink or sable, which are usually pastel shades. When choosing this accessory, look at color to be combined with the dress and setting, without distracting from the overall image. It might look nice a wedding coat of white rabbit fur. Also it looks great a bolero trimmed with swan feathers. Of course, such models are much cheaper than a mink, sable, and a scribe. You can find a suitable model of a white coat even in stores. But is it enough elegant for gala celebration? It can be made more festive. You may add a small but stylish brooch. This coat can be worn even after the wedding, so it is a long term investment you should consider. 

Is this a warm coat?
The question is at issue. Most of these coats are made in form of capes. They do not have sleeves. Therefore, many believe that this coat is impractical. On the other hand, such a thing is better than nothing. This accessory attaches to the bride especially to offer her a luxurious look – with these fall wedding ideas she will feel like a queen and perhaps the heroine of a fairy tale winter.

119324 fall wedding ideas Fall Wedding Ideas

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Artificial or real fur?
This option depends on the bride – budget wedding (natural furs are much more expensive), moral principles (perhaps a bride is a fanatical defender of animal rights) and aesthetic preferences. One thing is certain – the vast majority of brides are increasingly choosing the artificial fur. It is a stylish and economical option. Remember that a well-chosen wedding coat will provide you with the comfort and becomes a worthy conclusion of unsurpassed wedding image of the bride.



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