Fake weddings in Vegas

Wedding Tips & Ideas | June 23 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Las Vegas made its renown through the numerously weddings tacking place here. They are serious events or just for fun, so that <strong>fake weddings in Vegas</strong> are also commonly met.
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<strong>Fake weddings in Vegas </strong>are actually those weddings for <a href=”http://www.theweddingspecialists.net/cheap-weddings-in-vegas-vlentines-day-special/” target=”_blank”>Valentine’s Day</a>. As this is Cupid, the God’s love symbol people celebrate it as the love day. And romanticism is the proper word to define this. Consequently, a fake wedding is a method of expressing one’s love for its partner but with no life commitment or intention to make it legal. The wedding is performed by a person with no rights to make it official. And the whole event lasts for just one day, according to a symbolic certificate the grooms receive. This is a joke, an infantile and innocent love declaration.

Apart from this, if in the first situation it is known from the very beginning that everything is fake, unfortunate there are cases when a couple really wants to get married and it turn into a fake wedding. Las Vegas is known with its <a href=”http://www.theweddingspecialists.net/wedding-chapels-in-vegas/” target=”_blank”>wedding chapels </a>spread all over. And many take advantages of this to start a business. No fees paid, to taxes to obtain the legal papers for this to become a chapel with rights to officiate weddings. And there are many people who get in the situation to realize later that the wedding they waited for it so much is in fact a fake one.

How can one avoid such a situation? First of all, even though you recur to a spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas do not let the enthusiasm to shadow your ration. Search for several chapels until you decide for one, with no exception ask for the legal papers that show the legal right to officiate a weeding ceremony.

Still, legal papers can be modified. In other words, fake legal papers can be hardly noticed and recognized. But after all justice can e your ultimate solution. You can sue the priest pretending. Your supportive can be the moral prejudice, as many suffer because of such a situation.

Apart from this, to be optimistic you can take this as a life experience. It is awkward to announce your family and all the guests that they have participated to a fake wedding, as the reception was just a simple party. Some may see this is a sign of reconsidering your choice to get married and most, to reconsider your thoughts regarding the location, Las Vegas.

To put it in a nutshell, <strong>fake wedding in Vegas</strong> is a very commonly met situation. It requires attention and precaution to depict from time any possible attempt to swindle you. This is the risk of having a wedding on rush. Are you willing to assume such risks just for the adrenaline such an experience offers you?11


  1. gina

    July 03, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    I find these fake weddings very funny. There are actually big shopping centers where you can get married for a day on Valentine’s. It is more of a commercial thing rather than something that symbolizes romance. By the way, when you see people in movies that get drunk and get married over night in Las Vegas, are those weddings real? Or are they based on fake papers as well? I have always wondered if the people that marry people at such weddings actually have the necessary license to do so or if they are just actors that play along with the gig.


  2. rhea

    January 08, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Another reason to consider getting married in Las Vegas s stupid. But hey, after reading some of your articles I might change my mind. But this could not be possible. After all the troubles you can have with a normal wedding, add some regarding accommodation and flights or long rides and then add the question: could this be fake? and you will understand why getting married in Vegas is not only difficult but also a pain in the back. I always thought weddings in this city are fake. Now I found out they could really be fake. Well… good luck to those who still want to get married there. I stick to my wedding here but I will take some ideas from here, ’cause they are really interesting.


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