Fairytale Wedding Favors

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If you are an idealistic bride who has always been dreaming of her prince charming, you have the opportunity to recreate your favorite fairytale on your wedding day. You can choose the ball gown wedding dress, you can decorate the venue so as to reflect that enchanted realm in which a true princess can dwell and you can have fairytale wedding favors. All these aspects will work together perfectly to create a mythical setting. The idea might seem childish to some, but in reality everyone dreams of a wedding and a life similar to those depicted in fairy tales because there everyone lives happily ever after.

109080 fairytale wedding favors 2 Fairytale Wedding Favors

Fairytale Wedding Favors (Source: doyouneedafavor.com)

Traditional folktales are the perfect point to start looking for appropriate ideas for your fairytale wedding favors. If you have chosen a certain wedding theme, such as Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, you can get inspired from the exact story to come up with original gifts for your invitees. But if you have simply opted for the more general fairytale theme, you can let your imagination run free. Your guests will simply adore a crystal glass slipper or candle shaped as a red apple. But the favors do not need to be so specific. You can use other items with a broader meaning. There are some items that instantly make you think of a magical kingdom filled with princes and princesses, love and happiness. A fairytale castle card holder or an enchanted carriage definitely fit in this category.

109080 fairytale wedding favors Fairytale Wedding Favors

Fairytale Wedding Favors (Source: romance-fire.com)

These ideas can be used to engrave other objects, such as candles, glasses or coasters. If you do not desire to mix the mundane with the fantastic, you can simply choose decorative objects shaped as items depicted from fairy tales. Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage can make an interesting candle or jewelry box. Miniature tiaras are also indicated if you want to maintain that princess theme. Crystal balls are also reminiscent of magical worlds and you can choose to introduce a statue of the Beauty and the Beast dancing in the middle of the globe. All of the aforementioned gifts can be used for fairytale wedding favors. You just have to take the initiative and decide which one best portrays the idea you had in mind for your wedding.                     



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