Exotic Wedding Cakes

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If you want to lift up the atmosphere of your wedding day and bring more cheerfulness, luminosity, inspiration, creativity, casualty, color, fragrance, taste, spectacular and vibrant mood you can choose a tropical theme you’re your special D-day.

And the best way to enchant and win your guest’s hearts is to serve them a delicious, vibrant and unique exotic wedding cake slice. It doesn’t really matter if you’re having a beach, island or a simple garden or nature outdoors summer wedding. An exotic wedding cake can look as gorgeous, extravagant and magnificent in any natural wedding context. It’s easy to recreate the ocean side or beach environment or frame in any back-yard wedding set by simply adding splashes of Hawaiian scents, color accents, tropical fruits, flowers or seaside elements.

An exotic wedding cake can brighten up the room and cool and flatter your guest’s tastes. A refreshing icy exotic wedding cake can always be the best choice for any hot summer wedding day. More and more brides and grooms of today seem to fancy the beach theme and decide to incorporate it into their wedding décor, outfit styles and wedding cake.

There is nothing more romantic, beautiful, memorable and unique than a luxurious and refreshing exotic wedding cake that can make your guests remember your wedding as one of a kind. There are lots of unique ways to transform a simple plain white wedding cake into a real Hawaiian themed delicious and wedding cake. All you need is the right decorative elements that can help you obtain the exotic shivering look that you dream of.

Depending on the style, color-scheme, location and character of the wedding, you can choose from various decorative ocean inspired items like seashells, sand castles, starfishes, corals, palm trees, tropical flowers and herbs like orchids, star gazer lilies, hibiscus, leis, oriental lilies, mango calla lilies, delphiniums, seasonal fresh fruits like bananas, berries, coconut sorbet, passion fruits, mango, oranges, lime, kiwis, pineapples, star-fruits guava, sea foams, sandy footprints, umbrellas or sunglasses. Depending on the amplitude of the cake you can use cascading flowers or flowers between the layers to give the cake a more extravagant, rich and elegant aspect.

Among the most popular and suitable colors for exotic wedding cakes are those bright, vivid and dynamic shades of light blue, azure blue, sapphirine, navy blue, ultramarine, pale pink or hot pink, fuchsia, bright yellow, lime or emerald green, orange, burgundy, purple, mauve or peachy. If your wedding cake is going to be huge, intricate and elaborated, just to fit a bigger wedding, choose to have a seaside scene exotic wedding cake, picturing waves, dolphins in water circles, umbrellas, sandy shores, cascading water or kissing fishes. Adorn the cake with pearls, beadings, sequins, crystals, diamonds, feathers, seashells or rhinestones.11

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