Evening Dresses For A Wedding

Wedding Dresses | March 30 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Brides who already shopped for their splendid and unique wedding dress and still aren’t satisfied with the fact that the dress might not be very appropriate and suitable for an evening wedding party, can always go shop again!, for an evening wedding dress this time. There are many brides who like to wear two wedding dresses for their big day: one for the wedding ceremony and another one for the reception.
These are rare cases, but still, women always liked the idea of changing as many dresses as possible in a wedding day. The main reason for buying an evening dress for a wedding is that the first dress is more likely to be elegant, fancy, too tight or too extravagant for the night party. On the other hand, an evening wedding dress is meant to be more comfortable, practical, sexy and easy to move in. a very sophisticated and elaborated traditional or modern wedding dress might not serve the best interest of a night party atmosphere.

The bride needs to feel comfortable and able to move around on the dance floor. To make sure that they will be able to dance, they must search for a practical and easy evening wedding dress, but still elegant, unique, feminine and splendid. The evening dress for wedding must match the wedding theme as well as the ceremony dress, especially if it is a special wedding theme such as a fairy-tale wedding, a Disney Wonderland wedding, a retro wedding, a Gothic wedding, a middle-age wedding, a western wedding or any other unusual thematic. But there are weddings that are meant to take place in the evening and therefore a bride can just buy a single evening dress for the wedding ceremony and reception as well.

One can set the wedding ceremony at a late evening hour, very close to the hour of the reception party. Therefore, a bride can buy from the start a very fancy and sleek evening wedding dress and wear it at the ceremony as well as for the reception party. Cocktail evening wedding dresses are perfect fro a casual, elegant and chic wedding, as well as any other practical, short or light dress.

Depending on the wedding locations, a bride can wear a formal evening wedding dress to complement the stylish atmosphere at the wedding or can also choose a more casual evening wedding dress for a semi-informal or modern wedding. a casual evening wedding dress is always sexy, simple and extremely fashionable. Don’t be afraid to look trendy and comfortable, because that is the style of this year. Escape from the fluffy, layered conventional wedding dress and try on something more attractive, light, feminine, elegant and practical in the same time.11


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  2. Darla

    January 18, 2011 at 9:05 am

    The only dress here that is really fit for a nighttime wedding is the one with the black flowers, if I can see well. It’s in the background of the first picture. Consider that a nighttime wedding dress, no matter the theme, is more romantic and needs to create a more intimate feeling. From all those that I see here, the one I mentioned is the most appropriate. The others are just simple wedding dresses that can be worn at a daytime wedding with no problems. So as you can see, for me, a wedding dress fit for the night has to be flowy, comfortable, full, as it might be quite chilly, and very elegant. Elegance is a must for night wedding dresses. And this is the one that looks most elegant of all.


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