Engraved Champagne Flute Wedding Favor

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A unique occasion such as a wedding has to be remembered properly. That is why many people choose to give out wedding favors. The tradition is that you have to thank your invitees for their participation in your wedding and that presenting them with a small attention is the proper way to do this. But the wedding favors are also a means to make everyone keep the memory of the wedding alive.

The choice you make regarding your favors can be influenced by many factors. You can decide to have favors that match the theme of the wedding, you can opt between more formal gifts and comical ones, or you can simply let your imagination run free and come up with original treats meant to take everyone aback.  

Engraved Champagne Flute Wedding Favor (Source: content.beau-coup.com)

Engraved Champagne Flute Wedding Favor (Source: content.beau-coup.com)

For a more elegant wedding, champagne flutes can be a good option. The glasses will definitely recall a festive event taking into account that champagne is usually served when something important is celebrated. The best part in choosing flutes as wedding favors is that you will give your invitees a practical object. Most of the wedding favors used nowadays consist of an item of decoration. While the gift in itself is nice, its lack of functionality makes it less appealing. Your guests might not even find a place for it in their house. Whereas, champagne flutes are useful gifts. And you don’t have to choose the most common flutes you find.

Engraved Champagne Flute Wedding Favor (Source: a1weddinginvitations.net)

Engraved Champagne Flute Wedding Favor (Source: a1weddinginvitations.net)

There are a multitude of models available, ranging both in color and design. Engraved champagne flutes will definitely have a more personal touch. You can use various designs, from writing a small message on the glasses to having a chic drawing engraved. The flutes can be made out of crystal or you can have frosted glasses. There is also the possibility of choosing silver plated stems. These can be simple or can have different engravings such as intertwining hearts or the bride and the groom’s monograms. There are other embellishments you can use to adorn the flutes such as precious stones or platinum, gold or silver rims. If you want something different in terms of form, you can opt for trumpet shaped flutes. Likewise, the color palette used in designing these objects is extensive so you can chose to have the entire flute or only the  stem dyed in a color of your preference.              


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