En Vogue Bridal Dresses

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This article is for those who want to keep the pace with the ultimate tendencies in weddings. Current trends show us different wedding dress styles, more or less romantic. The accents fall on different geometrical shapes, bright and neutral colors, old-fashion patterns and unique backs. These amazing styles we’re showing below are for 2013 brides and weddings. From whimsical and abstract designs to colorful silhouettes and fancy models, the palette of unique bridal choices is wider than even.

The 2012 bride already has a lot of original designs to choose from. Weddings this year are very personal and fashionable. We can only imagine how they will look like next year! The white wedding dress is still a popular choice. But offbeat brides prefer something bright and eye-catchy for their big day. Colorful wedding dresses are in big vogue nowadays. Even the wedding shoes field is nowadays contaminated with color. We can see a lot of dyed shoes in various bold and pastel hues.

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En Vogue Bridal Dresses (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

More and more fashion designers decide to splash their wedding dresses with vivid and soft colors. We like all the color trends promoted nowadays at this point. Girly and refined blushes, heavenly blues, sensual violets, smoldering reds, whimsical plums and browns, smooth nudes, sand and beiges – these are just a few of the hottest color trends in modern wedding dress. With these styles on, no one really wants to wear a white dress anymore! Perhaps the colorful style is not every bride’s cup of tea. But due to these various choices you don’t have to consider only the white gown as your best attire selection.

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En Vogue Bridal Dresses (Source: static.weddingchicks.com)

There is another essential thing to keep in mind when choosing a colored wedding dress: your gown still has to look like a wedding dress. White is the official shade for wedding dresses and this is why it is so easy to recognize. But another color can make a dress look anything but wedding-like! Make sure that your outfit doesn’t make you look like one of the bridesmaids or female wedding guests! The secret is to find a color that is flattering for your skin tone and wedding theme.

141031 en vogue bridal dresses En Vogue Bridal Dresses

En Vogue Bridal Dresses (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

The truth is that not all brides look at their best in white. Another hot trend for 2013 wedding dresses is based on portrait backs. The trick is to pick a gown with a unique back line. How about trying a back with a demure delicate type of embroidery? A back with a lace frame, a chevron striped pattern or a peek-a-boo keyhole can also work. Sheer backs with soft appliqués and embroideries are romantic and attractive but in a chic dainty and modest way. Lace nouveau wedding dresses and peplum silhouettes are also in vogue.



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