Emerald Wedding Invitations

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The biggest dilemma when it comes to selecting the wedding invitations is deciding the color. The color of the wedding invitation is important, can express the theme, the location and the season. Before you select the color if your invitation set up the colors you want for the rest of wedding decorations. Whether you choose the same color for your wedding invitations and decorations or different colors, it is your choice.

If green is your favorite color then you can select the most beautiful shade of green, emerald for your wedding invitations. The color of the precious gemstone can be perfect for your wedding invitations. You can choose emerald wedding rings. Legends say emerald is a sacred gemstone and has healing powers.

Emerald is the most luxurious shade of green and it is perfect for special occasions. You can choose emerald paper wedding invitations, your you can decorate the invitations with emerald satin ribbons. You can choose just emerald for your wedding invitations, or you can combine this beautiful shade with gold for a more luxurious effect, or with silver.

 Emerald Wedding Invitations (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

Emerald Wedding Invitations (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

You can choose from classical wedding invitations, paper cards, frame wedding invitations, double cards, tri-fold wedding invitations, or scroll wedding invitations in emerald shades and with golden accents if you want royal style wedding invitations. Or if you want something less traditional you can choose box wedding invitations, you can buy them or you can make them, you can decorate them with emerald satin.

Emerald satin ribbons will make any simple invitation look more elegant and stylish. You can choose wedding invitations with peacock designs in emerald, blue and gold shades.

 Emerald Wedding Invitations (Source: elegantweddinginvitations24.com)

Emerald Wedding Invitations (Source: elegantweddinginvitations24.com)

You can choose emerald wedding invitations and white text, or gold text if you want a luxurious style. You can also add any other design you want and customize the invitation.

The 55th wedding anniversary is called the emerald anniversary. So emerald invitations are perfect for the celebration of 55th wedding anniversary.

 Emerald Wedding Invitations (Source: bridalshowerinvitationsnow.com)

Emerald Wedding Invitations (Source: bridalshowerinvitationsnow.com)

On zazzle you can find many beautiful emerald wedding invitations at affordable prices, the prices vary from $ 1 to $ 2.50 per invitations and can be customized. You can choose elegant emerald wedding invitations, emerald wedding invitations with Damask designs, antique style wedding invitations, emerald satin wedding invitations and many others, with floral designs, with Celtic designs or with any other design you want.

If you want something more luxurious then you can order emerald scroll wedding invitations from majesticinvites.com, scroll emerald paper or satin with gold accents.

There are many other websites from where you can buy emerald wedding invitations such as invitations consultants, wedding paper divas, etsy, or you can make your own wedding invitations.


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