Emerald Cut Engagement And Wedding Rings

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Wedding is about love , life together , a future where he and she face everything together . The wedding rings are just a symbol of this union so they are important but they are not the center of the whole wedding day , but let’s face it : the diamond wedding ring have become a symbol of wedding nowadays and I guess this think is not going to change too soon . This is a worldwide idea that diamonds look like a wedding ring . There are so many models , designs and types of wedding rings and all of them gravitate round the diamond wedding ring .

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

This kind of ring is especially a 1 carat cut diamond princess . The majority of this type of rings are made out of gold or white silver and they have a diamond in the center which were often showcased in some carved cases to create an illusion . Whenever you think at wedding rings it comes in your mind the image of diamond rings . But because of this trend , some people have forgotten that there also other types of diamonds cut rings that are extremely gorgeous but people stopped reminding of their existence .

The main thing still remains the stone : the diamond has not been quitted because it is universally accepted that the diamond is very connected with wedding . The models of emerald cut diamond engagement ring are various and extremely gorgeous .

The emerald cut is one of the most classic of diamond shapes . It has parallel line facets . Is usually has a rectangular outline although there also which are cut more square . Because of this cut the diamonds usually have a higher clarity . During the time , the emerald cut has been loved by purists and it looks wonderful set in platinum; the majority of these rings are made out of platinum .

There is usually used for the gemstone classic diamond . There can be made in a vintage way and because of that have also accents of white diamonds which are meticulously crafted . Also the emerald cut diamond wedding ring can prove to be a very special and unique ring .  The wedding band has channels and prong-set emerald cut diamonds that which can be surrounded by a twisted rope design . The wedding band can also have many emerald cut diamonds which are lined one near the other . The most frequent material used for this kind of emerald cut is white – gold because it is considered to give a better brilliance to the stones .

There is saying which exists from the symbolism period . According to this saying , the women who prefer the emerald cut diamond ring , no matter if the engagement ring or if the wedding ring ,  are thought to be disciplined , conservative , honest , consider very well their actions  and they care very much for the traditions and the way they are respected and used .11

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