Egyptian Wedding Gowns

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Families through their values and their generations to carry them further are the main holders and preservers of the national traditions. One example to illustrate this statement is the wedding celebration. Attending once a wedding festivity in Egypt I was expecting to see such an event being performed in exactly the same way a modern wedding ceremony is performed, but to my surprise there was a very special and historical moment reflected by the Egyptian wedding ceremony. I faced an event that to Egyptian women meant a lot with a lot of importance granted to the ceremony that looked old since the Pharaohs’ times.
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As far as I know the ancient Egyptians were the first ones to consider marriage on legal grounds. There were even strict laws that the wedding couples should follow, these laws indicating mostly duties and rights the couples would have through the act of the marriage. The same law gave women the right to be seen as important characters in the life of a couple and as such in society. Now for the modern Egyptian woman the custom is preserved and one can see that on the importance the Egyptian bride pays to her wedding gown.


The Egyptian wedding gowns, due to the interest shown to the outfit before the wedding celebration takes place, are the objects of fashion designers’ inspiration in their wedding dresses creations. I have seen the Egypt’s Wedding Fair where top notch fashion representations took place on the stage in front of the celebrities attending breathlessly for the wedding dresses’ styles and bridal accessories to be displayed. Everybody expected something grandiose, something to relate to the fashion parades that are displayed on the huge fashion parades in the fashion capitals of the world, and I can assure you that they weren’t failed in their expectations.

The beading works and the lavish displaying of the delicate fabrics that accompanied the presentations of Egyptian wedding gowns, made one think of the ancient Egyptian queens who were so highly regarded as people representative figures in those ancient powerful times.  Everything in this fashion show talked about decorations, designs, colors that so majestically complemented the silhouette of a bride wearing at the same time the latest styles of Egyptian make-up artists. One can not see the image of an Egyptian bride without the presence of a veil or tiara and the originally inspired innovative style of make-up.

The fabrics are also eye-catching, as it is for instance this bridal gown made from george fabric embellished with gold trimming in order to accent the woven insertion of gold stones; or the other one made from silk-mirror brocade with gold and cream embroidery to match the embroidered gele head-wrap. Not to mention that all these bridal gowns are offered in different colors, starting with white, cream, beige, and reaching the sophisticated and royal purple.


Another gown that sends the spectator back to the ancient glorious Egyptian times is the wedding gown in the sheath style with a straight cut line going from under the shoulders and delicately reaching the floor. Gold and white embroidery enriches the aspect of the strapless bust and a long train easy to be attached to the full length dress next to an Egyptian accessory to be worn on the head – the bridal crown also having the gold adornment to complement the embroidery of the dress. The accessories are a beautiful touch to the overall aspect of the Egyptian bride allowing her to incorporate in her look the majesty of ancient Egyptian queens.11

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