Egyptian Wedding Gowns

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You like the tune “Walk like an Egyptian” performed by The Bangles? Remember the dresses that are displayed in musical video hit? Well, this is how the Egyptian aspect of a bride looks too. There are Egyptian wedding gowns that could be created as perfect replicas of ancient styles, the ones you find depicted in the history book at the ancient civilizations chapter, you can as well inspire from those models, considering especially the fact that you have a great couturiere, then what remains the difficult part is finding that special fabric with those geometric symbols that will end up as borders of your wedding gown hemline.

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If you want to add that touch of Egyptian look you can focus on the gold color of fabric, this one being preferred by the famous queens of Egypt! Then you can select a combination of this fabric with a modernistic cut of the dress: adding the strapless bodice next to the golden paneling and several golden details to complete the specificity of the Egyptian’s ancient style. In search for that look it will happen that you will bump into fashion designers (most of them being locals) who have chosen to combine the fresh, pure look of a white fabric with details of Egyptian fashion trends.

In this way, Egyptian women, the ones who have chosen not to go with the traditional Egyptian style of a dress, are delivered options of a modern bride not being restrained from a lavish displaying of white silk fabric with insertions of broken lace, or addition of sashes to define the waistline in a more than consented feminine way. It is a fact that tradition asks for a less revealing image of a bride’s features and as such they are more than compelled to cover even their faces, only eyes could be the ones left uncovered, though other traditions advise for this covering as well.

I have always asked myself how can these women wear that type of a long sleeved dress, wrapped in a lot of fabric that falls till the hemline in rich draping and not feel the heat?! The answer is simple: each woman gown is made out of special fabric that is meant to shadow the parts of the body and not even a single drop of sweat to mark its presence on her body.

And the same happens with the Egyptian wedding gowns, the traditional ones; although they are colored in dark nuanced fabrics, such as purple, brown, gold and their faces are almost totally covered, the fabric is the one that keeps them cool and as such offering them the feeling of comfort, never minding the merciless sunrays that display their power on top of their heads.

Web pages of such creations are full with models; you can see also variations of shawls that are meant to be worn as head accessories, some of them being embellished with a bordered golden beading that falls on the brides’ forehead, emphasizing richness and a certain feminine mystery at the same time. This mystery is meant to be unveiled only to her future husband and her family; this is why you may attend to an Egyptian wedding event, but you could as well not see the bride’s face; unless you are part of her family, that is!


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