Egyptian Wedding Dresses

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In Egyptian traditions, the marriage was considered to be a very sacred event, and so it was suppose to organize the whole event. It’s known that the Egyptians were the first civilization who put the marriage affair into rules and regulations, so the couple to subsist to the authority of a god. The wedding day in the Egyptian territory is known to be very extravagant and quite grandiose, especially because of the specific adornments and colors. The remarkable Egyptian wedding style is based on a special brilliancy, given by the golden nuance and the glamour of the embellishment elements that create the bride’s dress. If you need some reliable tips on buying a beautiful wedding dress without spending a fortune, check out our complete wedding planning course that will even teach you how to save money.

The Egyptian wedding dress is extremely sophisticated, imposing, noble and sublime at the same time. Nevertheless, the Egyptian wedding dress still feels pretty comfortable to wear, mostly because of its large design. In the ancient traditions, the Egyptian wife was thought to be a person pretty much respected. The Egyptian bride must be the symbol of prestige, esteem and sacrilege. It’s a must for the Egyptians to engage firs, and then get married. The engagement bride’s dress is much simpler than the wedding dress itself. The Egyptian engagement dress could is mostly pink or blue colored.

The Egyptian wedding dress is mostly embellished with gold and golden variations, because the gown must express lightness, warmth and brightness. In the ancient traditions, the wedding dress was extremely long that the bride swept the floor with it. The delicate canvas material is golden from head to toe with expensive and valuable embroideries. Gold is a symbol of domination, fame and preciousness. The embroidery is richer at the top of the hem, into an angular decorative style, where even more gold is used. The wedding dress usually underlines the bust area with the finest gold details. The golden motifs are extended in the jewelry and the shoes of the bride.

One alternative Egyptian wedding dress is the white gown, embellished with the traditional golden fine decorations, hand sewn.

The material used in most traditional Egyptian clothing is linen. Due to the extremely high temperatures of the environmental climate, this fabric was the best idea for the people. But the wedding outfits enjoyed a more official material. Over their head or their shoulders, Egyptian brides could wear a shawl, handmade of a material called asuit. A silver wire is embroidered on this particular shawl. The bride could wear a golden headpiece, if she has a status. This is often a golden crown, but in ancient Egyptian wedding traditions, some beaded or crocheted headpieces were often worn by the women.

The henna art belongs almost entirely to the Egyptian traditions, mostly because of its use in the tattoo art. These sorts of tattoos are to be painted on the couple hands before the wedding, in a more contemporary design.


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    January 03, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    hi. I’m planning a multinational themed wedding and I’m looking for a great outfit. I was looking on your site and I’ve seen you have a lot of articles on wedding gowns from different countries. So I stopped at this one, since I like the Egyptian style a lot. And Egypt in general. I found the article really good and I also liked the two pictures. I think however that the first dress is too much for me. It’s very Egyptian traditional, very nice, but too artistic for the modern times. I like however the second one. Because it’s white, as I like a wedding gown to be. Because it’s soft, fluid and it really reminds the Egyptian style. So thank you for finding this.


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