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Wedding Dresses | September 15 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

For the unconventional 2010 bride who is planning a destination wedding and haven’t found yet the wedding dress of her dreams that can really help her look totally original and like no other contemporary bride.

It doesn’t really matter where you plan your wedding: on a Miami beach, in Hawaii, on a Caribbean beach or on any other local beach in your region, the destination outdoor wedding dress must be just as stunning, remarkable, eye-catchy and hypnotizing as a formal classy and fancy wedding dress suitable for a more select indoors wedding. We are here to talk to you about Egyptian style wedding dresses and show you a few pictures that feature this fabulous style.

Nowadays the beach bride or the bride who is planning a more exotic or a natural luxurious wedding at the seaside has a myriad of innovative and creative wedding dress designs to choose from for a more magical look. You will be able to find magnificent and charming Greek style wedding dresses designed by Rosa Clara, or Pronovias, as well as you will be able to take a look at a few successful attempts of Celtic inspired wedding dresses.

The bohemian bride, as well as the hippie or the nonchalant bride in general who is preparing for a splendid tropical casual and less sophisticated nature wedding should definitely browse on our website to find more and see more in unique casual contemporary wedding dresses for the relaxed bride.

We recommend the Egyptian style destination wedding dress to all those brides who want to enjoy a comfy outfit that can allow them to move properly through the sand (if case) in casual practical designs, breathe properly in light-weight fabrics and still feel and look incredibly hot, select, one of a kind and luxurious.

The trick of these modern destination wedding dresses inspired from ancient time styles lies in the simplicity of the long flowing designs, lines and cuts. As you can see from these pictures (find them here: http:/, most Egyptian style wedding dresses are made from woolly breezy fabrics with unsophisticated lines and cuts or embroideries that are rather ethereal and romantically sumptuous than heavy, elaborated or complex and voluminous.

The volume of these kinds of dresses is given by delicate subtle layers of light weight material like silk shantung, tulle, cotton or chiffon. The textures are added in a very smooth and soft way through different techniques or pleated or draped materials and perhaps a few ruffles, frills, ribbons, bows and flower blooms. In general Egyptian style wedding dresses are a bit similar to the Greek style wedding dresses, at least in matters of necklines and strap designs.

The vast majority of Egyptian style wedding dresses come with asymmetrical necklines like in one shoulder strap or high necks without sleeves or straps, or halter necks with double off the shoulders straps. The neck might be a bit more geometrical and bold cut but there are many dresses that feature jewelries, or beaded appliqués that make these dresses even more extraordinary, sophisticated, luxurious and glamorous.11

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