Edwardian Wedding Invitations

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Planning the wedding requires some preliminary things to be achieved and one of them is strictly related to creating and sending the wedding invitations. They are important and have their own relevance as long as they will allow you to further go with your wedding preparations. Through the RSVPs received which follow your dispatched wedding invitations, you learn about the number of your invitees who are supposed to attend to your wedding celebration, and according to this you can start the procedures for the flowers’ ordering, location hiring, menu ordering (including, of course the size of your wedding cake).

In this regard, wedding couple have to establish also if there is a theme attached to their wedding celebration, since the theme is the one that has to be depicted both in the aspect of your wedding cards and your wedding atmosphere. If this feature is already settled, then you have to proceed in conceiving your wedding invitations and if you have no clue on how they might look like, then you should probably go for the bridal stationery websites which display a variety of styles, many of them offered to be even customized in accordance with your needs and desires.

So, thought and done! You turn on the PC and start browsing; your eyes get stuck on some sites that offer elegant styles of wedding invitations some of them displaying the Edwardian style of inspiration and creation and since your wedding dress has something of the majestic line of a queen’s dress (the one with long flaring sleeves and a richness of a skirt to which some ruffles are added in an attempt to replicate the look of a royal outfit) you decide that the best card to represent the note of your wedding is the Edwardian wedding invitation.

Your thoughts of a location to host the wedding reception are instantly leading to a restaurant in your neighborhood that has the Edwardian style in its architecture and voila, in this way your wedding is turning already in an Edwardian themed wedding with you not even knowing about before you start searching for the wedding cards! The Edwardian style appeals to you as it displays a note of freshness and light, with its pastel colors and floral patterns. It is obvious that it is influenced by the Art Nouveau style, the one that opened the era of modernism in the expression of different artistic manifestations.

The models of the Edwardian wedding invitations are presented with patterns to reveal curvy, sinuous lines interwoven with stylized flowers, leaves, and buds that sometimes lead the mind to the intricate and rich displaying of the rococo style. The types of these cards are created on lustrous papers with a subtle sheen and embossed bronze paper used as a wrapping and tied with different colored satin ribbons. Other types are made with pewter lattice charm decorated with round crystal or delicate pearl, but all of them have the imprint of the Edwardian style that breathes delicacy, freshness and an overall aspect of unique elegance.11

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