Edwardian Wedding Gowns

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The Edwardian era in United Kingdom, is the period during the reign of The King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910. This era had a style influence in art, and fashion in continental Europe. The influence in fashion was remarkable, especially in the upper classes, more mobile and flexible clothing styles were needed. The very tight corset or bodice was modify and later in everyday wearing the corset was abandoned.
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If you plan to have an Edwardian theme wedding, you need a wedding dress that will reflect the charm of the time. The location of the wedding ceremony and reception is very important in choosing the wedding dress. If you plan your wedding in a castle, or in a beautiful mansion, the dress should be according to the theme you chosen. The Edwardian era had a special charm, an acting etiquette that has been forgotten.

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By the time of Edwardian era the white dress become popular and the only option for respectable brides from high society class from UK. The white dress become traditional after the Queen Victoria was married in a white dress in 1840. If you want inspirational ideas to create your Edwardian wedding dress you can admire the beautiful dresses, that are well preserved in museums, you can search old photos that will give you ideas about was in fashion in that time. If you want a theme wedding, the broom should wear a gown inspired from Edwardian era, the bridesmaids should wear dresses inspired from that era. The venue decorations should be according to the theme you chosen, also the music and the food should correspond to the theme, to give your wedding a more authentic atmosphere.

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There are many designers that create wedding dresses inspired by the Edwardian era. You can find amazing wedding dresses in antique and vintage boutiques. You can choose a designer wedding dress, that will be more expensive, or you can create your own vintage inspired wedding dress. You can search on many sites to find inspiration. Antique Dress is an amazing site what offers authentic antique and vintage dresses, from 1840 until present; they have different prices that will fit every budget. They have dresses from every era, including from Edwardian era, and most important at affordable prices.

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If an Edwardian theme wedding represents you, if you want the charm and the elegance of the old world, then you should create the wedding of your dreams. It is a great idea to have an Edwardian theme wedding and an Edwardian inspired wedding dress that will make you unique. You will look beautiful, elegant, and chic.11


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