Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

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It is incredible how things can take great importance overnight. If you went to a wedding a few years ago, you did not expected to find in your plate a bunch of white candies in a bag and tied with ribbon. Over time, this habit of edible wedding favor ideas has grown dramatically. In addition, favors that we know have not remained the same. Couples preferred to replace the traditional chocolates with other objects less edible, but perhaps more beautiful: crystals, candles, small decorative items, angels. But this is a good idea?

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All these favors are not as accessible as you may think. For such a gift you can pay quite large sums. In general, people who go to weddings are little interested in these objects for which we spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, they do not appreciate our endeavor and sacrifices. They come to have fun and if they have tasty food, plenty of drink and good music, the fun is guaranteed. Therefore, the edible favors can save you because it does not matter how simple they are, these favors can be effective. There is no need to spend a fortune, you can put five traditional candies in a beautiful box and your gesture will be truly remarkable.

A special table full of sweets is an irresistible attraction to the wedding. Everyone enjoys the wedding cake, but it is fun for guests to choose and other small sweet delights. A well-arranged corner with colored sweets of all kinds can sometimes be a substitute for original edible wedding favor ideas. Before starting to buy candies it is good to know the wedding theme, colors and sweets that you need. I think the cost of small treats is as important as the general appearance. For a “tasty” look you can play and you can choose from cakes, cookies and lollipops.

The couples live around the wedding the sweetest moments of their lives, followed by honeymoon and guests can enjoy a sweet symbol. Honey favors are a delight, a symbol of wealth and fertility, in many ancient cultures honey being offered to the couple a night before the wedding to conceive beautiful and healthy children.

110719 edible wedding favor ideas Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Edible Wedding Favor Ideas (Source: orangeandblossom.com)

Gingerbread is also a funny and tasty idea for favors. At the next craft fair in your town, look for a manufacturer and order gingerbread for each guest. Make sure to burn with sugar your initials. Healthy and tasty, favors made of fruits are greatly appreciated. Whether you choose a box of cherries, cranberries, strawberries or blackberries, or even a green apple, I assure you that they will be long appreciated.



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