Easy Wedding Sheet Cake Decorations

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Wedding cakes, as much as they are the most beloved dessert, can be very difficult to choose. A bride is looking for an elegant and sophisticated one, to really say something. Therefore, the classic sheet cakes are so often ignored, even though they can be layered and they usually contain any flavor you want. In addition, they are easy to decorate, but also to cut and serve. Costs are considerably reduced while the results can be thrilling. And still, they are not as popular as they deserve. What can you do with such a wedding cake?

Obviously, you can have any flavor and any ingredients as for a cupcake wedding cake or for a tiered one. The thing that makes a difference has something to do with decorations. There are plenty of edible accents you can go for. Flowers, leaf, pearls or even small fruits, made of melted sugar, marzipan or fondant are the most popular options. They are easy to make and to use, but your fantasy or the baker’s fantasy has a considerable importance. In addition, buttercream frosting, rolled fondant, icing and frosting with various creams can be added in order to obtain a special visual effect.

Easy Wedding Sheet Cake Decorations

Easy Wedding Sheet Cake Decorations from cf.ltkcdn.net

Fruits covered in chocolate are delicious and more natural in comparison with other decorative accessories. Finally, the most elegant ingredient is represented by the candied flower petals, which are nothing else but natural flower petals covered in sugar crystals. If you want something rather funny than formal, photographs, iced or airbrushed, with the couple or anything else you enjoy can be placed on the surface of the cake. And they are obviously edible. If you cannot afford a fancy cake with who knows how many tiers, you can have a sheet cake and add to it a second tier. It does not have to be too large, but it will make a beautiful effect. Alternatively, you can have a tiered cake stand and to place on every stand a smaller or bigger sheet cake. And here is an idea that not many couples have. A sheet wedding cake does not have to be flat and plain. Nothing should stop you from using a cake topper.

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Easy Wedding Sheet Cake Decorations

Easy Wedding Sheet Cake Decorations from cakes-you-can-bake.com

It is an elegant detail and, more important, it brings volume to the simple structure. From a classic monogram to a miniature castle, you can place almost anything. Obviously, with this last accent, you might need some specialized help when serving it, but this is not a big issue.11

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