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Why is it that so many brides of the moment decide to go simple on their wedding day? Why this trend now and what does this style signify for the current trends? Well, the answer is pretty simple. In terms of weddings & decorations, modern times are less intricate and easier to assume.

Simple nowadays means chic, elegant and stylish! You can see for yourself that simple wedding arrangements and bridal dresses too look more refined, high class and qualitative. There is a lot of good taste in this style and a lot of versatility. Simplicity is the key to planning a unique small wedding. If you are on a budget, you have even more reasons to choose this style for your wedding. Since you can’t afford to make big wedding expenses, you will surely find it easier to focus on simple and clean things.

142366 easy wedding bouquets 3 Easy Wedding Bouquets

Easy Wedding Bouquets (Source: media-cache-ec7.pinterest.com)

The simple style is also related so beautifully with the natural style. Brides of today are called to embrace a more authentic, organic and fresh look, one inspired directly from nature. This is why so many of them decide now to go for a seasonal look. The best way to add a touch of naturalness to your wedding attire is by carrying a simple bouquet inspired by the colors and blooms of the season. This style is rather unconventional than traditional

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Easy Wedding Bouquets (Source: media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com)

Instead of going standard for the same old and overused roses and calla lilies, we suggest you focus on unique blooms that can be found in the month of your wedding. Wildflowers, Billy Balls, narcissuses, chamomiles, lilacs, lavenders, cherry blossoms, violets, ranunculuses, zinnias and peonies are just a few examples in this sense. Or, if you care for something even more original and one of a kind, go for the green style

142366 easy wedding bouquets Easy Wedding Bouquets

Easy Wedding Bouquets (Source: media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com)

You can choose succulents, ferns, branches, vines, grass, moss, twigs, pine cones, artichokes and other nature-inspired decorative items. These elements will surely make your bouquet look whimsically romantic and outstanding! Why follow the same classic style when there are so many cute ideas to take into consideration? These types of bouquets are real, fresh and very modern too. Instead of going for the elaborated style you can try to keep things soft, unique, concentrate and memorable.

There are many reasons for why a modern bride may choose simple wedding bouquets instead of extravagant and pompous designs. You can do it because of your preferences, economical reasons, amplitude of your wedding or convenience. No one can deny that simple is elegant and chic. Take a look at these superb bouquets and tell us whether you have something to say against our opinions! The first bouquet is actually made of crafty paper blooms in pastel seasonal colors!



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