Dresses For Carribean Wedding

Wedding Dresses | May 31 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

It’s almost a real trend to plan a destination wedding on some exotic beach or island location, just to enjoy a more casual, natural, romantic and exotic wedding day. Among the most popular destinations for weddings are Hawaii, Greece, Gold of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, New Delhi, Bermuda or Florida beaches, coasts and islands.

More and more couples of today are choosing a modern informal destination wedding over a formal traditional back home wedding. There are many advantages of planning an over the seas wedding. For instance, compared to a traditional wedding affair, a destination wedding is more economical and comfortable.

Contrary to what many might believe of how beach or island weddings are more expensive and pretentious than back home city weddings, a destination location requires a wedding décor that is less sophisticated, a menu that is rather more casual, light and simple, and natural, comfortable, light-weighted and practical outfits.

The bride is free to wear any type of wedding dress wants, considering that the natural environment of the seaside requires a less elaborated, voluminous and pompous layered bridal wear. So, assuming that you’re planning a Caribbean Sea wedding, then you should start searching for the most suitable wedding dress for a Caribbean wedding. There are lots of unique, attractive, sensual or sexy destination wedding dress styles that you can choose from, depending on your body figure, your skin tone, your personal style and vision.

In Caribbean vulture and customs, brides usually wear the most refined, beautiful, charming and feminine wedding dress that they have in their closet or can encounter in a bridal store. If you’re looking for a more traditional wedding dress for a Caribbean wedding you can search the internet for websites that provide with such types of bridal wear. But if you’re planning a beach or an island wedding it would be better to keep it simple, light-weighted, clean, comfortable, relaxed, loose and delicate.

Do not opt for a too voluminous, layered, elaborated, tight and pompous wedding dress that will only prevent you from breathing, moving, dancing and having a good time. Choose a calf length or an ankle length wedding dress for a Caribbean wedding with a flowing ethereal skirt and a simple round neckline. You can also choose something more attractive, sensual, chic and charming, such as an off the shoulders neckline, a modern stylish one shoulder neckline, a practical halter neckline or a spaghetti strap neckline.

Choose a woolly material, such as crepe, organza, silk, duchesse satin, georgette, damask, illusion net, batiste, chiffon, rayon, linen or cotton. In general, destination wedding dresses are made in white, because white is the most suitable color for hot summer outdoor weddings. But you can also opt for a truly magnificent and eye-catchy emerald green Caribbean wedding dress, fuchsia, tomato red, scarlet red, deep purple, aqua blue, navy blue, bright yellow, champagne or orange wedding dress.11

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  1. Cila

    May 07, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Unfortunately I am only planning a Caribbean themed wedding. I can’t go there to make the wedding, but I found this compromise and now I have to find the perfect dress for this. I kind of know what it should look like and reading your article only made me see I was right about the dress I want to wear. However I am looking for something a little bit modern, not sophisticated but not simple, something that would have some details that would make me think the dress is perfect. And so far I didn’t find that dress. But I think that the first dress is very close to what I want.


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